Terahertz and microwave metamaterials

The terahertz and microwave metamaterials group is leading the development of artificial materials for manipulating electromagnetic waves in a wide frequency range. We explore both fundamental physical effects in metamaterials, as well as the possibilities of applications of the developed structures.

Metamaterials are complex electromagnetic structures, made from artificial elements which are smaller than the wavelength of radiation which they interact with. Compared to normal materials, they can demonstrate whole new ranges of material properties, including very high, very low, or even negative refractive index, strong magnetic response from non-magnetic materials, as well as strong chiral, nonlinear or non-local behaviour.

Such materials are particularly important in Microwave frequencies, where they are finding large number of real life applications, as well as in terahertz frequency range (we study 0.3 - 3THz), where the abilities of natural materials are extremely limited. We are experts in tunable and nonlinear metamaterials, and explore the intrinsic properties of metamaterials to design their tunable as well as nonlinear characteristics.

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