Optics lab

Fiber laser 1550-nm Picosecond and Femtosecond Mode-locked Fiber Laser: PriTel's FFLs are passively mode-locked fiber lasers that generate soliton pulses without using any external clock or reference source. Tunable in 1530-1560 nm C-Band. Three pulse settings - 8ps, 2ps, and 500fs.
Fiber amplifier The laser pulses can be amplified in a Pritel high-peak-power fibre amplifier, yielding peak power of up to 10kW.
FROG FROG system for measuring short pulses in the C telecom band Southern Photonics HR150 (shared with LPC).
Infrared Camera Xenics InGaAs NIR Camera, Xeva-1.7-320, 320x256, USB, 60Hz, 0.9-1.7um, TE1-cooled
CW laser 150 mW cw DPSS laser, single transverse mode.
Micro-Spectrometer Custom design micro spectrometer. It is used for measurements of transmission and reflection of small samples (>10x10 um). Fibre coupled to OSA for the spectral range 0.7-1.7um.
Grenouille Grenouille, Swamp Optics: FROG system for measurement of ultra-short Ti:Sapp laser pulses.
Optical Spectrum Analyser Optical Spectrum Analyser: Agilent 86140B. Wavelength Range 600 nm to 1700 nm, Accuracy -0.2nm


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