Mr Colin Dedman

Mr Colin Dedman
Technical Officer
Laser Physics Centre
Associate Diploma Science Institute of Bendigo
Office phone
Cockcroft 4 01

Research publications

Journal article

Shin D, Henson B, Khakimov R, Ross J, Dedman C, Hodgman S, Baldwin K, Truscott A
Widely tunable, narrow linewidth external-cavity gain chip laser for spectroscopy between 1.0-1.1 m
Optics Express 24, 24() 27403-27414
Dedman C, Khakimov R, Truscott A, Dall R, Henson B
Precision temperature controlled filtered laminar air enclosure
Measurement Science and Technology 26, 2() 1-5
Dall R, Dedman C, Truscott A
Feedback control of an atom laser
Optics Express 16, 19() 14716-14722
Dedman C, Dall R, Byron L, Truscott A
Active cancellation of stray magnetic fields in a Bose-Einstein condensation experiment
Review of Scientific Instruments 78, 024703() 6
Cavanagh S, Gibson S, Gale M, Dedman C, Roberts E, Lewis B
High-resolution velocity-map-imaging photoelectron spectroscopy of the O photodetachment fine-structure transitions
Physical Review A: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 76() 052708 1-9
Roberts E, Cavanagh S, Gibson S, Lewis B, Dedman C, Picker G
Achieving High Signal-to-noise Performace for a Velocity-map Imaging Experiment
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 144-147() 251-254
Dedman C, Nes J, Hanna T, Dall R, Baldwin K, Truscott A
Optimum Design and Construction of a Zeeman Slower for Use with a Magneto-Optic Trap
Review of Scientific Instruments 75, 12() 5136-5142
Roberts E, Nixon K, Dedman C, Gibson S, Lewis B
New Magnetic-Dipole Transition of the Oxygen Molecule: B-f3 --g -- X3 --g-(0,0)
Journal of Chemical Physics 116, 13() 5503-5508
Dedman C, Roberts E, Gibson S, Lewis B
Fast 1kV metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor switch
Review of Scientific Instruments 72, 9() 3718-3720
Dedman C, Baldwin K, Colla M
Fast switching of magnetic fields in a magneto-optic trap
Review of Scientific Instruments 72, 11() 4055-4058
Dedman C, Roberts E, Gibson S, Lewis B
An ion gating, bunching, and potential re-referencing unit
Review of Scientific Instruments 72, 7() 2915-2922
Cho H, Gulley R, Trantham K, Uhlmann L, Dedman C, Buckman S
Elastic electron scattering from sulphur hexafluoride
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 33() 3531-3544

Conference paper

Tsimeris J, Dedman C, Broughton M, Gedeon T
ForceForm: A Dynamically Deformable Interactive Surface
26th ACM UIST Symposium () 1-4

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