Laser and coherence sources

Femtosecond Coherent MIRA Ti:sapphire laser and REGA amplifier

Clark MXR CPA 2001 femtosecond Ti:sapphire amplifier with Light Conversion TOPAS optical parametric generator

Picosecond/Mid IR sources

High resolution tunable dye laser and Ti:sapphire lasers

Photonic materials production

Glass chemistry laboratory for chalcogenide glasses (rocking and tube furnaces)

TEPLA plasma cleaner

Thin film deposition and photonic device fabrication

Thin film deposition

sputter deposition systems

e-beam and thermal deposition

Lithography facilities

Karl Suss MA6 mask aligner

Access to a Raith E-beam lithography system

ExcelTeq SVG 8600 track coat/develop system

Plasma etching

Oxford Plasmalab RIE 100 ICP dry etching system


SCI Filmtek 4000 wafer mapper

Metricon Prism Coupler


Cary 5000 UV-Vis-IR spectrophotometer

Raman spectrometer

Optical Microscope with High Resolution Digital Camera

Wyko optical profiler

Clean room area

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