PhysicsPrint self-service printing

PhysicsPrint provides a managed centrally funded followme printing solution. It aims to reduce cost and waste, simplify management and improve and standardise the quality of printing services across the school.

Getting started

In general the steps to get started with PhysicsPrint are:

  • Install the PhysicsPrint software
  • Send your first print job
  • Wait for the email with your activation code
  • Register your card at any PhysicsPrint printer using your activation code


Please find instructions for using PhysicsPrint below. If you have any difficulties, are not an administrator on your machine, or would like help please email or call 59703




Frequently asked questions

What ...

What is PhysicsPrint?

The PhysicsPrint service provides secure, centrally funded printing and scanning facilities to the majority of RSPE. YSoft SafeQ is used to provide a followme printing solution across 10 multi function devices. Nuclear and DQS/PEC are outside of the initial stage of the project, but may be included at a later date.

What are the advantages of PhysicsPrint?

  • Modern printer fleet. Many aging printers around the school will be retired and replaced by new printers. The newer fleet has cheaper running costs.
  • Reduced printing waste. If you print by accident, change your mind you can choose not to print your job. Prints should never end up forgotten on the printer.
  • Simplified scanning. By unlocking the printer with your ID card your scans can automatically be sent to your ANU email address.
  • Central management of all printers including paper, toner, maintenance and funding.
  • You can print from anywhere on the ANU network including ANU-Secure wifi.

Where can I print?

PhysicsPrint printers are located at:

  • Carver Level 3 - LPC open area
  • Carver Level 4 - EME printer room
  • Cockcroft Level 3 (East) – New admin area
  • Cockcroft Level 3 (West) – Refurbished carpenters area
  • Cockcroft Level 4 – Weigold entry ramp
  • Cockcroft Level 4 - Outside EU
  • Cockcroft Level 5 (East) - C5.08
  • Oliphant Level 4 – Link building printing room
  • Oliphant Level 3 – Corridor near reception
  • Leonard Huxley Level 4 – School Computer Unit

What are the printers' capabilities?

The printers used for PhysicsPrint are all high speed colour A4/A3 MFDs with duplex printing, photocopying and high speed scanning capabilities.

How ...

How do I print?

Once configured you simply print from your computer walk to the most convenient PhysicsPrint printer and securely release your print job using your ANU ID card.

Instructions on setting up and using PhysicsPrint are available above.

How do I scan?

Unlock the printer with your card, and select "Scan to email". Then select "Scan to me" to do a quick scan or "more ..." if you need to tweak settings. Your email address will be automatically used.

What is it compatible with?

PhysicsPrint requires the installation of the YSoft client software. This software is available for Windows, OSX and Linux. It may be possible to manually configure print queues on computers without the ability to install the YSoft client software.

Can I use a USB stick?

Yes, but you will need to have your ID card registered with the system first. Log in by swiping your ID card then plug your USB stick in on the right hand side of the printer. You should be presented with a popup that offers options for printing from or scanning to your USB stick.

Do they have fax capability?

No. Please talk to the RSPE purchasing team at the store if you need to send a fax.

What if I want to print on special media?

Please come see us in the School Computer Unit and we can help. We are investigating the feasibility of using custom media in the PhysicsPrint printers.

Should I log off when I am done?

The system will automatically log you out after a short delay. If you would rather log out immediately, or you want to log someone else out who just walked away, hit the button labeled "Access".

Help ...

What if a printer needs attention?

Please visit your next closest PhysicsPrint printer to release your print job. Email to let us know about the problem.

Can you register my card for me?

If you are having problems with the self registration process, please visit the School Computer Unit and we will be able to help you.

Why do I get "invalid credentials"?

Undergraduate students and visitors from other schools are not automatically added the system. Please get your supervisor to send a request for you to be granted printing access to They should include your affiliation, name and University ID.

Some postgraduate students also seem to have been missed. If you run into this issue please email us at and we will add you.

Why can't I print straight after booting up?

Depending on the speed of your computer there can be a delay between booting up and the YSoft service starting. Please wait a few minutes before trying to print your first job.

What if I forget my ID card?

If you forget you ANU ID card come visit us in the School Computer Unit. We can issue you with a backup printing card that you can keep in your desk drawer.

What if I forget to pick up my prints?

If you do not release a print it will delete out of the print queue overnight. This reduction of wasted prints is a key feature of PhysicsPrint.

What if I change my mind about a print?

If you change your mind and do not want a print, you can simply avoid releasing any prints until the next day when the unwanted print will be gone, or you can select "log in without print" and then swipe you card to log in. Then you can select "My Prints" and delete any unwanted prints from your queue.

Why don't I get double side or colour options in OSX?

Try re-installing the driver. We have had to make many changes to the instructions and drivers.

I have another question

Please come see us in the School Computer Unit or email us on with any other questions you might have.

The information provided above is for members of the Research School of Physics and Engineering. Other areas please contact your local IT department for support.

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