The ANU uses an IP based phone system with handsets manufactured by AVAYA. Some older parts of campus may still be using analog phones. These are being phased out in favour of the newer more flexible IP phones.

Phone faults

If you have a fault with your AVAYA phone the first thing to try is rebooting it. This is most easily achieved by unplugging it from the wall, waiting 10 seconds and plugging it back in again. It may take 5 minutes for the phone to fully boot back up again. Please ensure you replug the cable back into the same socket it was removed from.

If rebooting your phone did not fix the problem (or you have an analog phone) please log a fault via our phone fault form.

Requesting a new phone

New AVAYA IP phones cost around $200 to $400, which needs to be paid from your department's budget.

If your wish to purchase a new phone please get someone with budget authority to email with the following information:

  • Budget code
  • Confirm that you have financial authority for the above budget code
  • Location for new phone (room number and building)
  • End user (for ANU phone directory)
  • Any other relevant information


The School Computer Unit has a teleconferencing phone available to borrow. Please book the use of this phone by emailing the details to

Further info

Please visit ITS's website for more telephone documentation.

Phone listings

Physics people listing

Department Administrators have the responsibility to keep the School's people database up to date including contact details for all staff, visitors and students.

Please contact your DA if your information on the Physics web pages is not correct.

ANU directory

The ANU phone directory Appears on the right of the results when you search from the ANU home page.

To update this information please send any changes to

The information provided above is for members of the Research School of Physics and Engineering. Other areas please contact your local IT department for support.

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