Computer accounts

Arrivals and departures

School procedures are available for dealing with arrivals and departures.

The Physics School Computer Unit manages the creation, updating and deletion of Physics computer accounts, and can assist with university account issues.

What accounts do I have?

  • University account (made up of your university identifier e.g. u1234567). This account allows you access to:
    • University computers in the libraries, lecture theatres and undergraduate teaching laboratories
    • Payslip, leave and parking information through
    • Email through Office365
    • Access to certain other services such as the ANU wireless network.
  • Physics computer account (Linux) ( abc123 )
    • Access to the School's file servers.
    • Access to the School's computational linux machines.
    • Personal webspace area
    • Access to computers in the SCU user area.
  • ESP account - for staff working with the HR and Financials systems of the University. This account has a separate password to the University account.
  • Local computer accounts
    • Accounts created on a single computer to log on to that computer. Settings do not 'roam' from one computer to another.
    • These accounts are created on a machine by machine basis

Note: There is NO password synchronisation between the different accounts and you will need to change passwords on each individual service. The SCU can assist you to change passwords for each service.


Changing your password

Both of the above websites require you to know your current password. If you no longer know your current password please visit the SCU to get your password reset.

Passwords must be of sufficient complexity, at least 8 characters long with a mix of upper/lower case, numbers, symbols, etc. If your new password does not meet these standards you will be prompted to try again.

Reseting forgotten passwords

Please come visit us in the SCU to reset your University and Physics account passwords.

ESP account passwords can only be reset by the central helpdesk (ring 54321 option 1).

Account creation and deletion

Please see the Physics IT onboarding and offboarding procedures.

Physics accounts are created using the Physics IT registration form. Please complete this form and bring to the SCU in order to be given an account on our linux systems. Physics Account deletion is done on a annual audit basis or by request from the department or user. The School reserves the right to delete accounts as appropriate without notice with the School or Department Delegates approval.

University accounts are automatically created and deleted based on the University's HR records. Once the HR system has created your account you can visit the SCU to set your password.

Local computer accounts

If you are new and have been given an existing computer to use, we generally prefer to wipe and re-deploy the machine rather than simply creating an account for you on the machine. Please check with your local area if any data is needed off the machine and then drop the machine off to us in the SCU. Machine re-deployment normally takes around a day.

Personal web pages

Physics provides a web server for people wishing to create a personal web site. Please read our instructions for the use of your personal web pages.

Virtual private network

If you wish to access the Physics VPN you will need to request access.

Getting assistance

If you need any assistance with your accounts, please contact the SCU.

The information provided above is for members of the Research School of Physics and Engineering. Other areas please contact your local IT department for support.

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