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Seminar Thanh Nguyen

Description: Seminar: "Department of Human Services Data Lake"
On the implementation of a data lake in the department,
The department has a data lake hosted by a cloud provider in Canberra and is currently installing an internally hosted data lake, running on OpenStack on x86 commodity hardware. The talk will cover capabilities, engagement model, roadmap, and current inbound use cases.
Confirmation status: Confirmed
Room: 1. RSPE South - Huxley Teaching H4.20
Start time: 14:00:00 - Tuesday 18 December 2018
Duration: 2 hours
End time: 16:00:00 - Tuesday 18 December 2018
Type: Internal
Created by: u4703981 - Fouad Karouta
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Last updated: 09:45:12 - Tuesday 11 December 2018
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