Opportunity for PhD and Early Career scientists: Global Young Scientists Summit (GYSS)

Published in the Research School of Physics Event Horizon
Vol46 Issue26 5–9 July 2021

The GYSS is an annual multi-disciplinary summit based in Singapore, which gathers some of the world’s foremost scientists and technologists who will engage and inspire aspiring young researchers from around the world. Eminent speakers include recipients of the Nobel Prize, Fields Medal, Millennium Technology Prize and Turing Award, among other luminaries. Highlights from the GYSS 2021 are provided in Annex C below for your viewing pleasure.

This year, in monitoring the situation involving COVID-19 travel restrictions, the GYSS Organising Committee has decided that GYSS 2022 will be held online. Currently, there are 15 confirmed speakers for GYSS 2022 (more details provided in Annex A below). Although we are not able to gather in person, GYSS expects the online summit to foster engaging conversations on science, research and technology, while broadening access to a wider community of researchers worldwide.

Similar to the 2021 edition, GYSS 2022 will host two categories of attendees: Participants and Viewers. All attendees will have access to the live plenary lectures, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, expo exhibition, and networking platforms. On top of these, Participants would also have a chance to:

  • participate in a small group informal session with their pre-selected speaker; and 
  • showcase highlights of their research through a short video competition, where they stand to win attractive prizes. 

The GYSS is aimed mainly at scientists but some cross-disciplinary applications have been successful in the past. Participants must not have attended previous editions of the GYSS.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria
Information on the eligibility and selection criteria for GYSS 2022 can be found in Annex B below.

The ANU are able to nominate up to 10 slots for Participants, and up to 10 slots for Viewers who will then be invited to submit a full application directly to GYSS. Please note that a nomination by ANU does not guarantee an invitation to participate in GYSS 2022. The GYSS Organising Committee reserves the right to shortlist the nominees.

ANU Applications
Any candidate who wish to apply will need to email the following documents to gro@anu.edu.au by COB 30/07/2021 to be considered for selection as one of the ANU nominees: 

  • Selection Criteria: One page addressing the selection criteria (see Appendix B below for details). 
  • CV: A short CV (no fixed format but should highlight research interests, education background, awards and key publications), and 
  • Support: A letter from a supervisor or Head of Research School in support of the candidate’s application. 

Description: Date

Applications open: 25/06/2021
Applications close: 30/07/2021
ANU GYSS Selection Panel to shortlist (5 candidates will be shortlisted): 11/08/2021
Applicants advised of the outcome of the shortlisting: 13/08/2021
ANU nominees will be informed of the status of their applications by GYSS: October 2021

Annex A – List of Confirmed GYSS 2022 speakers
S/N / Speaker / Award/Achievement

1: Prof Aaron Ciechanover, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2004)
2: Prof Ada Yonath, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2009)
3: Prof Alessio Figalli, Fields Medal (2018)
4: Sir Andre Geim, Nobel Prize in Physics (2010)
5: Sir John E. Walker, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1997)
6: Sir Konstantin Novoselov, Nobel Prize in Physics (2010)
7: Prof Leslie Valiant, Turing (2010)
8: Prof Michael Young, Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine (2017)
9: Prof Robert Langer, Millennium Technology Prize (2008)
10: Prof Stanley Whittingham, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2019)
11: Prof Stuart Parkin, Millennium Technology Prize (2014)
12: Prof Takaaki Kajita, Nobel Prize in Physics (2015)
13: Prof Thomas Cech, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1989)
14: Prof Thomas Sudhof, Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine (2013)
15: Sir Tim Hunt, Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine (2001)

Annex B – Eligibility and Selection Criteria for Nominations – for Participants and Viewers 

Nominations for GYSS participants are for students or researchers from universities and research institutions worldwide, at the following levels:

  • Undergraduate students; 
  • Master’s and Doctoral students; and 
  • Young postdoctoral scientists. 

The following standards and selection criteria have been defined for GYSS 2022. All nominated participants shall:

  • Not be older than 35 years of age at the time of the Summit;
  • Show a genuine interest in science and research;
  • Show a strong commitment to their principal field of studies and to interdisciplinary work; 
  • Received the endorsement of an organisation that was invited to provide nominees; 
  • Be fluent in English to actively participate in discussions;
  • Not have participated in previous Global Young Scientists Summits, with the exception for GYSS 2021; and 
  • Not yet have a permanent position (scientists with permanent positions, in particular on the professor level, will in general not be admitted to the Summit).

Registration Process

Phase 1
The nomination process is web-based. ANU will be asked to submit the nominees’ name, email address, and institution. 

Upon submission through the system, nominees will be informed to submit further details. Only nominees who successfully submit all required information will be considered. 

Phase 2
Nominees will be informed of the status of their applications. Successful nominees will be required to provide further information, such as their personal details, choice of any optional sessions to attend, and also submit their CV. 

Annex C – Highlights from GYSS 2021


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