Published in the Research School of Physics Event Horizon
Vol43 Issue77 9–13 July 2018

Dear ANU Purchase Cardholders, 

ANU is in the process of changing banks, from the NAB to ANZ. This means that all ANU purchase cards (NAB) will need to be exchanged for ANZ cards during June and July 2018.

We have selected a number of collection points across campus (see attached is list of locations) to exchange your NAB for the new ANZ card.

You will need to bring your old NAB card and photo ID (staff access card is sufficient). 

FSS will check photo ID, collect the NAB card, arrange for the back of the ANZ card and a new cardholder agreement to be signed, then handover the ANZ card, PIN and ANU Purchase Card Kit. The NAB card will be cancelled.  

ANZ cards can be used straight away.

You will be able to collect your new ANZ Card at 10C, if that is more convenient (You will be advised to either come outside the scheduled collection times or to contact FSS ahead of time to have your card removed from rollout boxes and held at FSS).

After the 31st of July, any cards that were not collected can be picked up from F&BS (Building 10C, 9am – 5pm weekdays). 

Cardholders who are travelling:

Can exchange NAB cards for ANZ cards at F&BS upon your return. The NAB card will remain active during your travels. Travellers who are away for longer terms i.e.> 2 months will need to contact FSS to make arrangements to conveniently exchange cards. No traveller (who is a purchase cardholder) will be left without access to an active ANU Purchase Card. 

Cardholders who are based outside of the ACT:

Please advise FSS of the relevant postal address for the cardholder. We will put the card’s limit to $1 and post it out. The PIN will be posted 2 days later. Once the cardholder has received both, they can email FSS from their ANU email address and we will re-instate their limit.   


ANZ Purchase Card rollout

Financial Shared Services

Finance & Business Services (Bldg 10C)

The Australian National University

CANBERRA ACT 0200 Australia


T: +61 2 6125 4777




LOCATION 1: Brian Anderson Building, 115 North Road, seminar room A105.

12th of July (Thursday), 11am – 1pm,

18th of July (Wednesday), 1pm - 3pm,


LOCATION 2: CBE Building, 26C Kingsley Street, meeting room 2.53.

17th of July (Tuesday), 12pm – 2pm,

26th of July (Thursday), 12pm - 2pm,


LOCATION 3: School of Art Building, 105 Childers Street, Foyer.

2nd of July (Monday), 12pm – 2pm,

19th of July (Thursday), 12pm - 2pm,


LOCATION 4: Hedley Bull Building, 130 Garran Road, Foyer.

20th of July (Friday), 12pm – 2pm,

27th of July (Friday), 12pm - 2pm,


LOCATION 5: JG Crawford Building, 132 Lennox Crossing, Former Student Services Reception

5th of July (Thursday), 12pm – 2pm,

23rd of July (Monday), 12pm - 2pm,


LOCATION 6: John Curtin School of Medical Research Building, 131 Garran Road, Reception.

3rd of July (Tuesday), 12pm – 2pm,

25th of July (Wednesday), 10am - 12pm,


LOCATION 7: John Yencken Building, 45 Sullivans Creek Road, Foyer.

17th of July (Tuesday), 3pm – 5pm,

20th of July (Friday), 3pm - 5pm,


LOCATION 8: Peter Baume Building, 42 Daley Road, room 2.19.

11th of July (Wednesday), 10am – 12pm,

24th of July (Tuesday), 10am - 12pm


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