Important Funding Opportunities, Info and Events

Published in the Research School of Physics Event Horizon
Vol43 Issue45 27 November–1 December 2017

Important Funding Opportunities, Info and Events

Below is an update of information that relates to ARC and MEC schemes.

  1. MEC – Major Equipment Committee Grants
  • Seminar for those intending to apply is on  Monday 6th November 2017; 11:00 am -12:30 pm in the China in the World Auditorium
  • The MEC College Deadline on 15 January 2018 – please let us know if you are applying
  • We encourage you to submit before 15 December as the ARC deadlines for DP19, DE19 and LE19 are earlier than in previous years
  • Get your MEC submitted early if you plan to submit an ARC grant next year
  • MEC outcomes are expected in the third or fourth week of March – LE19 is due to the ARC on 28 March.
  • Please contact us ASAP if you intend to pair a MEC with a LE19 application.
  1. ARC Deadlines for 2018

The ARC has moved their deadlines earlier for DP19, DE19 and LE19!

Our College DP19 deadline is proposed to be 31 Jan 2018 – this may be moved earlier as 31 Jan only gives the research office three weeks to support you before the final ARC deadline – we usually have four weeks for all 140+ applications…

2.1      If you have any feedback on the proposed deadline let us know ASAP. Would you realistically submit a complete draft to us on 23/24 Jan (Australia Day is 26 Jan) or would you rather have an extra week (31 Jan) with strictly limited service for late applicants and limited repeat reviews?

 2.2      What this means for you:

  • Start drafting your DP19 proposal now – aim to have a rough draft in RMS before Christmas (RMS opens on 13 Nov for DP19 – we will provide templates shortly after)
  • Seek peer review early/engage with your School peer review program
  • You may send us draft material in MS Word early – if you submit material before our deadline we can help you more. The Finance team can help you plan your budget if you visit us before the internal deadline.
  • Be mindful of the DECRA applicants you mentor – their applications are due to us on 22 February – the day after DP19 is submitted and they only have three weeks with us too
  • We understand the frustration around not having outcomes yet – the ARC have updated their website to state ‘November’ for outcomes (in 2016 they were announced on 2 Nov) – we don’t have any further info
  • Come and see us regarding your eligibility if you are unsure

2.3          Note the above regarding MEC – MEC outcomes are due as late as the week of LE19 submission – please talk to us if this may impact you.

  1. ARC and NHMRC Peer Review seminar
  • Wed 15 Nov 1:30-4pm (includes afternoon tea) at CBRIN (level 5, 1 Moore St)
  • Registration details in the attached email (you may attend without registration – just let me know for seating and catering)
  • ARC Executive Director Prof Stephen Buckman is presenting, as well as a Q&A session with College of Experts assessors from ANU
  1. ANU internal process for CE2020
  • The internal NOI for CE2020 is open today and closes at 10 am 11 December
  • College deadline will be advised soon – please let us know if you are thinking of submitting a CE2020 (ANU or external)
  • Note that the ANU interview dates are in late Jan/early Feb – this may impact those submitting MEC/DP19
  • See the attached PDF for details – more info in the DVCRI Research News out today (1 Nov)
  1. College NOI for ARC/NHMRC applications next year
  • This informs the research office of your intent to apply

If you have any questions or feedback on the proposed DP19 internal deadline please get in touch with us here We will send out another email with all the final internal dates for the major grant rounds shortly – so get your feedback into us in the next few days. You can view the ARC dates here:


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