To quota or not to quota

Published in the Research School of Physics Event Horizon
Vol43 Issue25 10–14 July 2017

The release earlier this month of the AICD’s most recent gender diversity report indicates that their PR campaign to increase female representation on ASX 200 boards to achieve 30% is far from over. which again is hardly surprising as, to realise this modest target, well-qualified and credentialled men are going to have to get off boards for equally qualified and credentialled women to get a gig. 

What became very clear is that so much of value that people have to contribute is being missed by businesses, often due to the cultural dominance of white men in many companies. This is not a surprise, but many of us had hoped that by 2017 we might be a little further along the gender equity bell curve. Which leads us to ask - do we need quotas to move things along? David Gonski doesn't think so but Carol Schwartz does. It's a long-standing debate. My view was summed up in an article I wrote earlier this year, when Tony Abbott invoked the issue once again.   

For more information, please see:’s-a-boy’s-club-–-back-off!

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