Searching for Alumni with interesting careers

Published in the Research School of Physics Event Horizon
Vol43 Issue11 3–7 April 2017

Motivated by both the response to the RSPE Cultural survey and continued feedback from students and staff we are working to put together a quick series of short alumni profiles of Physics ANU graduates. (Hopefully a picture and a few short sentences about what they did here and what they do now.)

We hope to display these in the Physics drop-in space as well as on the screens around the school and to emphasise the diversity of both our graduates and the range of jobs they now undertake. 

Please think of peple who have studied with us at various levels - i.e. undergrad, honours and postgrad. They don’t need to be the CEOs or people who are amazingly successful - I am also after regular, people leading normal lives with a background in physics to answer the question ‘ what next’, 'what do you do with a degree in physics?’ etc.

It would be good to capture people who work at the following places:

  • Any big well known companies - i.e. BHP, Banks, 
  • Energy companies - Wind, solar etc
  • Science communication
  • Science administration including CRCs grant bodies etc
  • Government depts
  • Patent examiners/attorneys
  • Any start-up companies
  • Silicon valley companies
  • IP Australia
  • Teachers
  • Defence science organisations
  • US National Labs
  • International national labs
  • Synchrotrons etc
  • Science units - such as Electron microscopy units etc; and
  • universities around the world or in Australia

If you know of any interesting alumni please send to Jodie Bradby ( and Phil Dooley ( the following: 

  • The persons’ name and contact details and a short sentence about what they did at Physics ANU and what they are doing now etc. 
  • i.e. Bianca Haberl, Masters (2006) and PhD (2010) at Physics ANU, Currently High Pressure Science Coordinator at Oak Ridge National Lab. email: bianca@xxx.xx

Please ask the person if they are happy to be involved by sharing their story for this exercise first.


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