Megavolts Episode 2 – Building Bigger Elements

In Episode 2 of Megavolts series of videos from the Accelerator Control Room we speak with PhD student Lauren Bezzina about her research into fusion.

In Lauren’s experiments, she bombards targets made of heavy elements, like lead and tungsten, and turns them into an even heavier element – thorium.

Her challenge is to capture the products of these experiments and piece together the parts of the puzzle to understand better how nuclei are put together. The results will give us insights into how to create superheavy elements – elements we’ve never seen before on earth – and add them to the periodic table.

For more behind the scenes info about HIAF – the Heavy-Ion Accelerator Facility – and the Department of Nuclear Physics and Accelerator Applications, visit our online tour. It features 360 degree photos, popups with interesting details, and students and staff dropping in to explain what you’re looking at.


Miss Lauren Bezzina
T: (02)61252083

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