Departmental Seminar

Metasurfaces: From beam steering to infra-red vision and quantum states

Mr Matthew Parry
Nonlinear Physics Centre, RSPE, ANU

Metamaterials and photonic crystals are the optical analogue of solid state systems.  By the use of such periodic structures (as are solid state crystals) many analogous features such as band gaps can be implemented in photonic circuits.  In this talk Matthew gives a broad overview of some of the devices that can be created with all dielectric metasurfaces – 2D periodic structures.  Beginning with conceptually simple linear optical devices, such as dynamic beam steering, the talk will progress to how nonlinear generation can overcome the limitations of semiconductors, and then to the non-destructive measurement of quantum states and finally he will present research into generating highly configurable quantum states.

Date & time

Thu 7 Mar 2019, 12.30–1pm



CQC2T Seminar Room


Members of RSPE welcome