Final PhD Seminar

Terahertz Metasurfaces: Unlocking the potential of terahertz technology

Mr Michael Cole
PhD Student, Nonlinear Physics Centre

The development of novel terahertz metamaterials is critical to unlocking the vast array of potential applications in this region of the electromagnetic spectrum, including: security, communications, chemical sensing, and biomedical applications. In order to take advantage of these possibilities more improvement needs to be made in production, manipulation, and detection of terahertz radiation. In order to have an accurate detector, one needs a favorable absorber, and to that end, I designed and numerically analyzed an all dielectric Huygens’ metasurface that acts as a near-perfect terahertz absorber. One contribution to the manipulation of terahertz waves is my experimental and numerical analysis of three different chiral metasurfaces that demonstrate strong broadband terahertz optical activity through control of the Blaschke phase. Finally, I will present a comparison of two methods for designing metasurfaces to achieve large angle refraction. The first structure is a Huygens’ metasurface and the second is an omega-type bianisotropic metasurface both yielding large refraction in the terahertz regime but much higher achievable angles using the bianisotropic structure (>70°).

Date & time

Wed 28 Mar 2018, 2–3pm



Le Couteur Seminar Room (L3.17)


Members of RSPE welcome