Departmental Seminar

ICT for agriculture - activities of BioSense Institute, Novi Sad, Serbia and Acoustic surface waves - acoustic spoof plasmons

Nikolina Jankovic and Norbert Cselyuszka
BioSense Institute, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

ICT for agriculture - activities of BioSense Institute, Novi Sad, Serbia 

Recognizing that ICT today plays a pivotal role in ensuring sustainable growth of agriculture, the BioSense Institute (Research and Development Institute for Information Technologies in Biosystems), University of Novi Sad, Serbia cross-fertilizes two most promising sectors in Serbia: ICT and agriculture. Multidisciplinary research is performed in the fields of micro and nanoelectronics, communications, signal processing, remote sensing, big data, robotics and biosystems, with a common goal to support the development of sustainable agriculture and create a positive impact to the lives of people.

The presentation will cover the main activities of the BioSense Institute with a particular focus on the activities carried out by the Group for Nano and Microelectronics including research in acoustics, microwaves, plasmonics, microfluidics, and material science and their applications in circuits and sensing devices.

Acoustic surface waves - acoustic spoof plasmons

Acoustic wave propagation control along boundaries between fluids and hard grooved surfaces will be presented, including dispersion relation and propagation constant control in slow-wave regime. Based on this concept, acoustic Mach-Zhender modulator realized on hard grooved surface and its applications (sensing, modulation, etc) will be described. Besides traditional propagation control by changing geometry, controlling surface acoustic waves with temperature will be shown as an alternate solution. This concept significantly increases the versatility of applications such as sound trapping, acoustic spectral analysis and sensing, by providing a simple mechanism for modifying their behavior without any change in the geometry of the system. Temperature-controlled gradient refractive index (GRIN) acoustic medium and its application in achieving tunable lens for wave bending and focusing will also be presented.

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