School Seminar Program

Cathodoluminescence – Probing luminescence on the nanoscale

Dr Mark Lockrey

As optical devices reduce in size, our ability to characterise a single structure becomes increasingly difficult. By utilising a high-resolution microscope and cathodoluminescence (CL) spectroscopy we can push our resolution into the nanoscale. This allows us to look both at optical and plasmonic emissions with unprecedented resolution.

In this talk we will explore how CL can be used to look at a range of structures. We will look at how CL can be used to fully characterise LED devices and resolve the luminescence of single quantum dots. We will also explore how CL can be utilised to resolve the plasmon modes of individual plasmonic structures.

Mark Lockrey received his PhD in Physics at the University of Technology, Sydney in 2015, where his PhD studies focused on cathodoluminescence (CL) analysis of III-nitride materials. Mark joined the Australian National University (ANU) in 2015 as the Micronalysis Research Officer and SEM Process Engineer for the ANFF ACT Node, where he operates the FESEM-CL system. Mark's research interests include electron-beam processing of materials and CL analysis of nano-materials, III-V semiconductors and plasmonics.

Date & time

Thu 16 Aug 2018, 3–4pm



Oliphant Seminar Room (414)


Members of RSPE welcome