Final PhD Seminar

Polarimetric imaging of electric and magnetic fields and synchronous imaging of RF waves in H-1

Mr Alex Thorman

Spectro-polarimetry of hydrogen emission in strong electric and magnetic fields is central to understanding the confinement of a magnetic confinement fusion device. However the polarisation spectrum in the presence of both electric and magnetic fields is poorly understood. My talk will present a model of the Stark-Zeeman effect that is accurate in the cases where level populations are non-statistical and when neither the Stark or Zeeman effects dominates. These results are applied to imaging motional Stark effect experiment I ran on the DIII-D tokamak.

Radiofrequency heating is one of the main non-inductive heating sources for fusion plasmas. I will present results from a synchronous optical imaging experiment that have detected a 7MHz wave launched by the H-1 Heliac antenna. The ion-cyclotron characteristics of this wave and it's effects on the plasma will be outlined.

Date & time

Tue 23 May 2017, 2–3.30pm



Lv4-414 (level-4 room -414


Members of RSPE welcome