Departmental Seminar

IOP Publishing: What we can do for you

Dr Charlotte O'Neale
Associate Editor, IOP Publishing

Finding the right place to publish your work is an essential, but at times confusing, part of the publication process.

This talk aims to give you, the busy researcher at the Australian National University, a whistle stop tour of the relevant journals published by IOP Publishing. This talk will cover what our journals are looking for in terms of scope, novelty and impact.

IOP Publishing offers many publishing services for our authors, including a new editing service and promotion of your articles on dedicated blogs. We also publish ebooks™, an award winning books programme, comprised of multiple exciting collections.

Come along and find out where to submit your next paper, how IOP Publishing maximises the impact of your work and about the different author services we offer.

Dr Charlotte O'Neale has been at IOP Publishing for 18 months and is currently and Associate Editor on 2D Materials, Nanotechnology and Semiconductor Science and Technology. She got her PhD for the University of Birmingham (UK) in 2015.

Date & time

Tue 20 Sep 2016, 11am–12pm



RSPE Conference Room


Members of RSPE welcome