Mid Term Review

Targeted Radioisotope Therapy with Auger electrons: What Can We Contribute as a Physicist?

Mr Boon Quan Lee
Department Nuclear Physics

There is growing recognition that Auger electron-emitting radioisotopes can provide lethal radiation doses to targeted cancer cells while sparing the neighbouring healthy cells. Progress in radiopharmaceuticals has been rapid in the past two decades while the work on the calculations of radiation spectra of Auger-emitting radioisotopes, which are important for radiation dosimetry, has stuttered.

This seminar will focus on my PhD work on the generation of reliable radiation spectra using a Monte Carlo Auger-cascade model that has been developed at the ANU.

Date & time

Tue 3 Mar 2015, 11am–12pm


Nuclear Physics Seminar Room 57 Garran Road


Staff, students and public welcome