Departmental Seminar

Reversible Tuning of Optical Metasurfaces

Mr Khosro Zangeneh Kamali
Australian National University

Optical metasurfaces are two-dimensional arrays of subwavelength structures which are designed to control light characteristics, such as its polarisation, amplitude, and phase. The metasurface optical behaviour originates from the collective electromagnetic wave resonance within the nanostructures and allows the development of a new type of integrated photonic devices such as phase-matching-free nonlinear wavelength convertors and convolutional image processors. However, due to the fixed geometry of the metasurface structural units, finding a reversible and dynamic way to alter their optical output remains a challenge.

In this seminar, I will present an application that utilises the controllable reflection and transmission metasurface properties for designing optical cavities. Then, I will discuss polarisation tuning as a tool to control the third-harmonic generation process in metasurfaces. Finally, I will cover thermal tuning as a versatile way for dynamically and reversibly altering metasurface optical response.

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Mon 27 Sep 2021, 4–5pm


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