2020 SPIE-OSA Alumni Lecture

Dr Katie Chong
Finisar Australia
2016 ANU SPIE student chapter president

Katie Chong was a student of NLPC and graduated her PhD in 2017.  She is currently an R&D Engineer at Finisar Australia in Sydney, and will be sharing with us her new opportunity in the course of this talk.

During her time at NLPC, Katie has several international collaborations that allowed her to work at Sandia National Laboratories (USA), Imperial College London (UK), and University of Jena (Germany).  The research papers she has contributed to during her PhD have received over 1200 citations to date.

Katie was active in the OSA and SPIE student chapters during her time at NLPC, and was once the ANU SPIE student chapter president.  Katie’s relationship with SPIE has led her to opportunities to conferences and connections with people in the greater Optics and Photonics community.  She was also a member of the inaugural SPIE Career Lab Facebook group editorial board in 2019.

Join us to hear from Katie as she discusses “the life after PhD”, the lessons she had learned throughout her studies and career in industry, and how the membership of SPIE/OSA has influenced her choices and opportunities.

*Please do not record the lecture

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Date & time

Thu 7 May 2020, 2–3pm


Zoom: https://anu.zoom.us/j/6194026562


Members of RSPE welcome