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Weekly newsletter | vol 42 no 6 | 15–19 February 2016


Gravitational waves confirmed!!! Einstein proven right, again!


Outstandingly fabulous news from the Centre for Gravitational Physics. Our congratulations go out to the whole team in CGP and those in DQS who have played leading roles over the years of commitment and collaboration. This research celebrates the productive interplay between theory and experiment, made possible by that special combination of fundamental understanding and technical excellence.  A shining example of ANU Physics at it’s best!  Beautiful!! Tim

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2016 Commencement Address

On Thursday 11 February 2016, Prof Brian Schmidt, VC, welcomed our new and returning students to the University at the inaugural Commencement Address.  It was a poignant and moving event.  I couldn’t be happier nor more excited about the path ahead for the ANU.

If you were unable to attend the address please take the time to view online.  The speaches are well worth listening to.

Tim Senden

2016 Commencement Address




Departmental seminars

Professor Chao-Yang Lu - 15 February
Quantum photonics with solid-state devices
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Staff movements

Centre for Plasmas and Fluids
Professor Michael Shats 
is travelling 14-21 February 2016. Prof Christine Charles will be acting Head of Department during this period.


Avoiding gender bias in reference writing

From the RSPE Access and Equity Committee

Got a great student? Planning to write a super letter of reference?

Don’t fall into these common traps based on unconscious gender bias.

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Training course:

  • WHS training for supervisors and Fieldwork (OHSG35)
  • 25 February 2016

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CQC2T (Department Quantum Science)
Ms Lynne Christians who will be acting in Amanda White’s role, while Amanda is on Maternity Leave (until the end of 2016).  Amanda’s last day is Friday 12 February.  We wish Amanda all the best during her leave.

Department Quantum Science (DQS)
welcomes back Ms Gaye Carney on 15 February.  Gaye has been on secondment to Nuclear Physics for the last 5 months.

Electronic Materials Engineering (EME)
Mr Raymond Robbie, University of Glasgow, visiting for 6 weeks working with Jodie Bradby.  He will be working in the area of ‘understanding the structure and properties of different types of aSi'.

Mr Jet Chong, Physics Honours student, undertaking a project in the area of ‘Nanowire Solar Cells’ with Lan Fu.

Positron Research Laboratory (PRL)
Prof Gustavo Garcia from Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Madrijd,  Prof Zoran Petrovic from Institute of Physics, Belgrade, and Mr Jaewook Kim from Nuclear Fusion & Plasma Lab, KAIST.  Prof Garcia and Prof Petrovic are working with Prof Steve Buckman, and A/Prof James Sullivan until 17 Feb and 19 Feb respectively. Mr Kim will be working with Dr Clive Michael until April 2016.



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