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Weekly newsletter | vol 42 no 3 | 25–29 January 2016


New materials promise safer, faster MRI scans

ANU scientists are part of a group that has found a way to increase the resolution of MRI scanners, while at the same time making the procedure quicker and safer for the patient.

The international group of researchers placed ultrathin metallic resonators under the patient inside an MRI machine and increased the efficiency and quality of the scanning process.

"This research may evolve into a new and very practical device that enhances MRI imaging and scanning time," said Professor Yuri Kivshar

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HDR Student Admin Office staffing

Mrs Luda Mangos will be on temporary transfer to JCSMR effective 1 February 2016 for a period of 12 weeks.  

Arrangements will be in place to support Mrs Karen Nulty. Ms Helen Wong (HDR Student Administrator) and Ms Libbie Dinn (Manager Student Administration) will answer all emails, check the office every second day and complete the compliance reporting.  Please continue to email

We wish Luda all the best on her transfer.



Electronic Materials Engineering (EME)

Mr Mace Jarvinen ENGN Honours student starting with Patrick Kluth. Mace will be working on the project “Membranes Technology for ion track etched Nanopores”.


Seeking Tutors/Demonstrators

We are looking for research students to do lab demonstrating and tutoring in the 1st year undergraduate physics classes. This is a good opportunity to get some teaching experience, and even get paid for it.

If you are interested, please e-mail Paul Francis ( Please advise if you have a preference for lab demonstrating or tutoring, and if you have any previous teaching training or experience.

First semester tutoring/demonstrating 2016 runs from 22 February - 24 March, and then from 18 April - 27 May. It doesn’t matter if you are away for a week or two (other tutors can cover for you), but it would be an issue if you were gone for a larger time over this period.

The topics taught in the tutorials are Newtonian mechanics, Maxwell’s equations and waves/optics. The labs primarily teach plotting data, uncertainties and basic electronics.

The deadline for expressions of interest is 7 February 2016, and positions will be announced after that.




Departmental seminars

Professor Heinrich Hora - 10 February
Environmentally Clean and Economic Energy by Boron Fusion with Peta-Exawatt Laser Pulses
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Staff movements

Director's Office
Prof Tim Senden will be on annual leave 25-29 January 2016.  Prof John Howard will be acting Director during this period.

Mr Graeme Cornish will be on annual leave 18-29 January 2016.  Mr James Irwin will be acting School Manager during this period.

Mrs Tania Maxwell will be on annual leave 25 January - 1 February 2016.  Ms Uyen Nguyen will assist the Director's office during this period

Dept Quantum Science
Prof Craig Savage will be absent for the period 25-29 January 2016.  Prof Ping Koy Lam will be acting HOD during this period.

Laser Physics Centre
Dr Matthew Sellars 
will be absent for the period 21 December 2015 - 31 January 2016.  Dr Steve Madden will be acting HOD during this period.

RSPE Student Office
The office will be closed 19-20 January 2016. Reduced staffing will operate  22-25 January 2016.  Emails will be periodically monitored to track urgent queries.



The Australian and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ANZIAM) conference is the premier annual meeting in Australia and New Zealand, where leading, as well as young, applied mathematicians gather to exchange ideas to promote and advance the application of mathematics to science, engineering and industry. In 2016, the ANZIAM conference will be held in Canberra at the QT Canberra Hotel, 7-11 February.

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Training course:

  • Chemical Safety (OHSAO3)
    8 February 2016
  • WHS training for supervisors and Fieldwork (OHSG35)
    25 February 2016

Registration via HORUS



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