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Weekly newsletter | vol 41 no 24 | 13–17 July 2015


School Seminar Program - 16 July

Diamond Quantum Technologies: From Fundamentals to Applications - Dr Marcus Doherty

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Congratulations to Emeritus Professor John Love (PEC) who has been awarded the Doctor of Science (ScD) degree by the University of Cambridge for his work in guided wave optics.

Congratulations to Prof David Hinde (NP) on being awarded an Helmholtz International Fellowship.

Congratulations to Ms Amelia Greig (PhD) [SP3] on being awarded an Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Special Service Citation

On behalf of RSPE we congratulate John, David and Amelia on their achievements.

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2015 Linkage Results

The Director congratulates the lead CI’s in the 2015 Linkage Projects round.  Please note the earlier ARC posting was incorrect and our winnings are considerably higher.

Prof Rob Elliman, EME, ($410,000 – 3 years)
Dr Andrew Kingston, AppMaths, ($559,000 – 3 years)
Dr Steve Madden, LPC, ($285,000 – 3 years)

Dr Nick Robins, DQS (Led by Prof Rob Scholdten - Univeristy of Melboure [$350,000])

With a success rate of 60% and funding level 85% of the requested amount I strongly urge you to consider this scheme. Please discuss with Deputy Director (Research), School Manager, TTO staff or myself if you would like to engage in applied research.


Farewell gift

At Alistair Muirhead’s retirement last Friday he celebrated 36 enjoyable years in NP by contributing, together with his wife Helen, to the HIAF Endowment Fund. This valued gift to his department significantly grows the opportunities to the HIAF Fund. Many thanks, Alistair and Helen.


2015 Physics Education Centre Planning Day

Friday 18 September 2015
Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Cultural Centre
Lady Denman Drive, Canberra

This year’s event offers an opportunity for staff to engage with the planning process, to provide their perspective and ideas and discuss some major directions we are pursuing.  i.e.

  • ANU and RSPE strategic directions in research led education
  • engagement with China and regional universities
  • photonics program
  • implementation of the high level physics curriculum and the new courses in mathematics

Please reserve the date in your calendars, and reply to Laura Walmsley no later than Friday 11 September including any special dietary requirements.

John Close, Deputy Director (Education)




Innovation Corner

That famous catch-cry “The Physics Factor” has been heard again. Martin Conway's innovative HTML newsletter system (which you’re reading now) has been adopted by several other Schools. Well done, Martin.


Departmental seminars

Dr Mohsen Rahamani - 17 July
Towards all-optical photonic circuitry on-chip: An Introductory Talk
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Staff movements

Directors Office
Prof Tim Senden
will be absent 10-14 July 2015.  Prof John Close will be Acting Director RSPE during this time. Please ensure all international travel approvals are assigned to Prof Close for consideration.

Mrs Tania Maxwell (EA to Director) is on leave 13-17 July 2015. Please direct any queries to Mr Rana Ganguly (School Manager) during this period

Applied Maths (AM)
Assoc Prof Adrian Sheppard 
will be absent 13-17 July 2015.  Prof Vince Craig will be Acting HoD during this time.

Nuclear Physics (NP)
Prof Andrew Stuchbery will be absent 28June - 27 July 2015.  Prof David Hinde will be Acting HoD 7-27 July 2015.

Department of Quantum Science (DQS)
Prof David McClelland
will be absent 6-27July 2015.  Prof Craig Savage will be Acting HoD during this period.



The following OH&S training course:

* Ionizing Radiation Safety – Machines (OHSA19) 27 July

 Registration via HORUS


Funding opportunities

Robert and Helen Crompton Award 2015 (closing date extended)
Nominations are being sought for the Robert and Helen Crompton Award 2015. This Award provides funding of up to $15,000 to assist postgraduate research students enrolled at the Research School of Physics and Engineering to undertake part of their research program overseas or make a collaborative visit to an overseas institution, for three to six months. Applications close 5pm 17 July 2015.
Further information is available at

ARC Future Fellowships 2015 – Now Open
The Funding Rules for Future Fellowships are now available and the scheme has opened. Please refer Funding Rules and FAQs. Please note that the strategic statement will be required to outline plans to retain the successful Future Fellow in a continuing position. This is explained further in the Changes to FT15 Funding Rules and at B3.3.1 in the Funding Rules.

SIEF John Stocker Postdoctoral Fellowships
A grant of $92,000 p.a. for three years targeting projects in natural or applied science with high potential for scientific achievement and benefits to Australia. Applications close 31 July. For internal review and submission please submit completed applications to the research office by 10 July.



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