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Weekly newsletter | vol 45 no 45 | 9–13 November 2020


Director's Message

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to NAIDOC week.  The ANU has put together a program of activities, including a concert on Thursday which will be livestreamed.

My congratulations to Drs Johannes Eichholz (CGA) and Sergey Kruk (NLPC) on being awarded DECRAs last week.  Sergey’s will study “disruptive nanotechnology to control light. The project aims to develop approaches to control propagation of light in nonreciprocal ways, similar to ways we control directions of electric currents with semiconductor diodes and transistors”, and Johannes will develop “superior performance optical coatings for next-generation interferometry. This project aims to investigate fundamental noise in optical coatings, a limiting factor for state-of-the-art astronomical observatories, global timing standards, and photonics applications”. Further details of this DECRA round can be found on the ARC site.

Last week, Dr Ludovic Rapp (LPC) showed me some fascinating videos he had made of what ultrafast pulsed lasers can do to materials.  I’ve included them here for your entertainment and interest; ultrafast laser cleaning and an amazing sequence of what happens when a ultrashort pulse is applied to the head of a match.

Have a good week,



This week in Research:

  • An important EOI for LIEF, which may need to be distributed directly to academics due to the tight deadline set by RSD.
  • RSD requires the EOI information to inform the DVCRI on his discussions with universities on SRF strategy, amongst other things.
  • You or any academic interested in leveraging European funding may be interested in the European Research Days event below.

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Research Highlights

Xiwen Guan from Theoretical Physics

  • Physical Review Letters> 125, 190401 (2020)
  • Quantum Information> 5:88 (2019)

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RSPhys Spin-off Companies


RSPhys has just kicked off its first R&D collaboration with Quantum Brilliance, a spin-out from RSPhys. Co-founders Dr Marcus Doherty and Dr Andrew Horsley wish to extend their sincere thanks to the Director and School community for their support in their journey so far.

The venture-backed company is developing quantum computers (QPUs) that operate entirely at room temperature and are powered by NV-centers in diamond. Their ambition is to provide QPUs that can not only solve problems beyond today's supercomputers, but do so with minimal supporting infrastructure and a form factor smaller than a lunchbox. This will enable quantum to accelerate computing wherever it is used today: from data centres to hospitals, from autonomous vehicles to satellites. Check out Quantum Brilliance’s careers page for current job opportunities, which include a lead quantum engineer, quantum engineer, and FPGA developer roles.




School Seminar

Wednesday, 11 November
Dr Taiki Tanaka
Creating New Elements

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17 November
Miss Yuzhi Hu
CT investigations of Devonian fossil fishes from Australia and applications of scientific visualization in vertebrate morphology.
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17 November
Professor Mark Z Jacobson
ANU Solar Oration 2020
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11 November
Pathfinder: Virtual Speed Mentoring
5.30pm – 7.00pm Via Zoom
Are you looking for career advice, support and inspiration from our experienced alumni in Science, Health and Medicine?  Register now!

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20 November
RSPhys Writing Workshop
The 2020 ANU Academic Skills Centre writing workshop series will hold its next workshop for RSPhys students via the Zoom platform focussing on journal writing. 

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Prof Ben Buchler will be acting HOD of the DQS from the 2 – 15 November 2020 whilst Prof John Close is on leave.

Kath Hicks is away 9-15 Nov. For general enquiries please see RSPhys reception


OPPORTUNITY: Gender inclusive teaching - part time opportunity for HDR student - closes this week.

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