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Weekly newsletter | vol 42 no 28 | 18–22 July 2016


Retirement - Prof John Howard (PRL)

Prof John Howard retires from PRL and ANU after 29 years of distinguished service on Friday 15 July 2016.  We wish John all the best and will hold a school celebration for him in the near future.

I am pleased to annouce that A/Prof James Sullivan has been appointed HOD PRL from 16 July.


Congratulations to our graduating PhD students

Christopher Bentley (DQS)

MD Amdadul Huq Chowdury (TP)

Nian Jiang (EME)

Badriah Alshahrani (NP)

Amira Ameruddin (EME)

Amelia Greig (CPF)


Performance and Development Supervisor Modules

The University is offering four performance and development modules in the coming months.

With the exception of the ‘Coaching for Excellence Masterclass’ all courses can be booked via HORUS and they will also appear on the University’sperform and develop’ webpage

Course summaries as below (refer weblinks for full document):

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Meet Corporate Australia's 20 female free zones

From the RSPE equity and Access committee 

Last week, when the Australian Institute of Company Directors released its quarterly gender diversity report, the headlines were mostly about how women have made up 43 per cent of new board appointments this year, up from just 5 per cent in 2009. Finally we are winning the war for greater diversity in corporate Australia. Whether the pace is fast enough to meet the institute's target for 30 per cent female representation on boards by 2018 remains an open question.

But evidently not everyone has been enlightened on the benefits of gender diversity on boards, not least of all better financial performance. There remain 20 board rooms out of Australia's ASX200 firms where high heels do not feature under the table (more if you include the sensible women who have joined the "flats" movement).

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Funding Opportunities

Introducing and demonstrating earthquake engineering research in schools 2016 international competition

British Council, GB

This recognises teams who can construct small-scale models of buildings that will withstand the simulated earthquakes generated by a shaking table at the annual competition and conference in Taiwan. All participants and observers will receive five nights of accommodation, local transportation, and participants will have the opportunity to visit the 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan.

Maximum award: Not known
Closing date: 20 Jul 16 (recurring) Round closing soon

Sir Robert Menzies memorial scholarship in engineering
Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Foundation, AU

This supports Australians in undertaking a postgraduate course in engineering at a university overseas. The award will be tenable for either one, two or three academic years and provides emoluments of up to AU$75,000 per year to meet compulsory university fees and charges and contributes substantially towards the cost of books, equipment, personal living allowance and travel.

Maximum award: $225,000
Closing date: 31 Jul 16 (recurring)

Women in mathematics special interest group Cheryl E Praeger travel awards
Australian Mathematical Society, AU

These support Australian female mathematicians in attending conferences or to visit collaborators. The awards are worth up to AU$1,000 for a domestic trip and up to AU$3,000 for an international trip.

Maximum award: $3,000
Closing date: 1 Oct 16 (recurring)

Development and validation of alternative methodologies for predicting bioaccumulation of surfactants
European Chemical Industry Council, BE

This aims to generate new datasets and coefficients to improve environmental risk assessment of surfactants in inter-industry context. The budget is €400,000 over three years.

Maximum award: Not known
Closing date: 31 Aug 16


PEC Teaching Space

The new PEC space, which houses a 80+ person flat teaching space, and significant informal space for student drop-in and hang out is nearing completion, ready for semester 2.

I would like to invite anyone from the school, academic, student, and all staff to come and look at the space. Bring your enthusiasm and ideas around what you imagine could benefit student experience during their time at ANU. Perhaps you have your own art you could contribute? Ideas of other art/artists and interactive installations? Engineering has 6 related student societies, yet physics has the remnants of 1-2. The possibility of events and stimulus for a student society? 

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Physics Project Market Day

Tuesday 16 August 2016, 11:30 - 2pm 
Melville Hall - The Australian National University

  1. Upload available student projects by 22 July
  2. RSVP for Market Day ( by 1 August
  3.  By August 10th - Print poster 
  4. Join us at the Physics Project Market Day,Melville Hall - 16 August




School Seminar Program - 21 July

Nanoscale crystal growth: controlled synthesis of semiconductors for device application - Dr Philippe Caroff

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Departmental seminars

Mr Kunlun Yan - 19 July
Final PhD seminar: Towards Rare-earth Doped Chalcogenide Waveguide Amplifiers
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Mr Matt Thompson - 20 July
Measuring helium nano-bubble formation in tungsten with grazing-incidence small angle X-ray scattering
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Ms Qian Gao - 20 July
Final PhD Seminar-InP Nanowires Grown by Selective-Area Metalorganic Vapour Phase Epitaxy”
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Professor George Cellar - 22 July
Laser annealing of semiconductors: what we learned 35 years ago and why it still matters today
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Dr Dick Henley - 29 July
X-ray µ-CT tracking of chemical reactions in composite materials: high temperature experiments with Carrara Marble
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Staff movements

Director's Office 
Mrs Tania Maxwell (EA) will be on leave 15-18 July 2016. Ms Martina Landsman will assist with administrative enquiries

Applied Maths (AM)
A/Prof Adrian Sheppard will be away 1-24 July 2016. A/Prof Shannon Notley will be acting HOD 13-24 July. 

Centre for Plasmas and Fluids
Prof Michael Shats will be away 8-29 July, attending several conferences in Europe.  Prof Christine Charles will the the acting HoD during this period.

Electronic Materials Engineering (EME)
Prof Hoe Tan will be away 1 July - 5 August 2016. A/Prof Jodie Bradby will be acting HOD 1-17 July, A/Prof Patrick Kluth will be acting HOD 22 July - 5 August.

Mechanical Workshop
Mr Craig Young will be away 5-22 July. Mr Stephen Holgate will be Acting Manager during this time.


3 Minute thesis competition

The 3MT international research student competition is on again for 2016 and the Australian National University is currently preparing for the school and college heats and ANU final.

The School’s 3MT heat will be held on 19 July 2016 in the Leonard Huxley Theatre. The School heat will be followed by the College heat on 26 July ready for the ANU 3MT final on 14 September 2016. In regard to prizes on offer, for ANU college 3MT winners will receive $1,000 research support grant and up to $4,000 on offer for ANU final 3MT winners.

Further information:

Students please come and support your fellow students.



Training courses:

Registration via HORUS

  • Cranes & Lifting Tackle (OHSA08) 20 July (9am - 5pm) 

  • Ionizing Radiation (Machines) (OJSA19) 21 July (9.30am - 1pm)

  • Chemical Safety (OHSA03) 27 July (9am-12.30pm)

Self-Service access via PULSE:

  • Incident Reporting

  • OSLO Training Online Course


Outreach with AIP - AIP Physics in the Pub ACT

The night that took Sydney by storm has finally come to Canberra!

Physics in the Pub is made of eight snappy Physics Acts, each of a mere eight minutes - and YOU are invited to take part. 

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The 8th National Higher Education Women's Leadership Summit 2016

Key Strategies and Practical Insights for Women’s Leadership and Career Development within Higher Education

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