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Weekly newsletter | vol 42 no 17 | 2–6 May 2016


Success!! ANU Physics joins with Shandong

ANU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences signed an agreement with Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW) to facilitate a new educational collaboration in physics. 

The new agreement establishes a joint program where high-performing physics students from SDUW will have an opportunity to transfer to ANU Bachelor of Science (Honours) program and complete a 'Physics' major. Students will need to complete at least 2 years of study at SDUW, followed by 2 years of study at ANU (including an Honours year) before becoming eligible to graduate.

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Centre for Plasmas and Fluids (CPF)
A/Prof Paul Fontana of Seattle University (USA). Paul will be working on modeling and experimental studies of two-dimensional flows with the members of the Physics of Fluids Laboratory from 20 April till 19 August 2016.


Congratulations - Aruni Fonseka

Aruni Fonseka (former PhD EME student) on being awarded the Springer Thesis Award.

Springer Theses – the “best of the best”

Internationally top-ranked research institutes select their best thesis annually for publication in this series. Nominated and endorsed by two recognised specialists, each thesis is chosen for its scientific excellence and impact on research.

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School Forum - call for Agenda items

Th next School Forum will be held Friday 13 May, 10-11.30am in the RSPE Team Room

Any items you’d like to raise at Forum please bring them to the attention of your reps, your HoD or Deputy Directors, by midday Thursday 5 May when the agenda will be sent out in the Event Horizon.

Your current representatives are:

  • Dr Andre CARVALHO, ECA/MCA Representative
  • A/Prof Fu LAN, ECA/MCA Representative
  • A/Prof Matthew HOLE, ECA/MCA Representative
  • Dr Elizabeth WILLIAMS, ECA/MCA Representative
  • A/Prof Jenny WONG-LEUNG, ECA/MCA Representative
  • Ms Tamara BABIJ, Student Representative
  • Mr Bryce HENSEN, Student Representative
  • Mr Tim SAWKINS, Technical Representative
  • Ms Laura WALMSLEY, DA Representative
  • Mr Anthony HYDE, WHS Representative

Morning Tea will be provided. 


Where are all the women? Senior APS ranks maintain male majority

From the RSPE Equity and Diversity Committee

The scale of gender inequality in the federal bureaucracy and the dominance of men in senior positions has been revealed by new data released by the Australian Public Service Commission.

The figures, designed to provide policymakers with a snapshot of the workforce, shows the number of permanently employed women has fallen to the lowest level in nearly a decade.

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Performance and Development Supervisor Familiarisation Sessions : May 2016

In September 2015 the University introduced a new on-line Performance Development Review (PDR) form for both Academic and Professional staff to replace the existing paper based process.   

This process has automated the workflow and is supported by data integration with a number of our key systems including ANU Insight (Statement of Academic Activity) and the Human Resources Management System (HRMS).

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Supervisor training course

ANU HDR supervisors have the opportunity to take up the following professional development activities offered by the research training team in the office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Research Training) and you are encouraged to attend if you can.  The professional development being offered is specific to your needs as a supervisor of HDR students. Come along and learn from experienced peers and share your own knowledge of supervision.  This is also an opportunity to build collegial networks across the ANU.

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Global Connections Fund

The Global Connections Fund (GCF) is a new project of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) and is supported by the Australian Government.

The GCF aims to provide initial support specifically to promote Australian Researchers and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) collaboration thereby: 

  • increasing linkages and collaborations with key global economies 
  • promoting researcher-industry engagement and knowledge transfer
  • fostering end use development and commercialisation outcomes

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Distinguished Lecture - 3 May

The Big Bang - Professor Harald Fritzsch

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Director's Colloquium - 3 May

Clear Skies and New Horizons: what we know about Pluto and what’s left to find out - Dr Andrew Cole

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Departmental seminars

Professor Harald Fritzsch - 2 May
Neutrino Oscillations and Neutrino Masses
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Dr Daniel Leykam - 4 May
Anomalous Floquet phases and topological transitions in photonic lattices
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Public Lecture - 5 May

Gravitational Waves and Einstein: Explaining the binary black hole system discovery event by LIGO - Professor Susan Scott, Daniel Shaddock and Robert Ward

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Autumn BBQ Fundraiser

Thanks to the generosity and support of the Staff, Students and Visitors $469 was raised to support Clare Holland House who are dedicated to helping enhance palliative care services in the ACT


ANU Strategic vision forums

ANU is embarking on a journey to build a new vision and strategic plan for the University. 

A series of forums to shape the new strategic vision for the University have commenced, you are encouraged to have your say.

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Research Supervision Development

Strictly limited places are available for two sessions for supervisors of research students. These sessions will be run again in Semester 2, so please join the waitlist if full.


Seeking Accomodation

Four successful recipients of the inaugural Chennupati and Vidya Jagadish Endowment will be visiting RSPE 7 May - 15 July 2016. If you can provide, or know of any available accommodation, please contact Uyen Nguyen (PRL) or Laura Walmsley (DQS).


Australian team for the Asian Physics Olympiad

It was a real pleasure to visit the Australian team for the Asian Physics Olympiad, who are hard at work training at RSPE this week.

The team is being trained in part by ANU graduate Jake Glidden, RSAA PhD student Bonnie Zhang, and one of our current honours students Siobhan Tobin.

We wish the eight Year 12 students luck as they travel off to the Asian Physics Olympiad in Hong Kong next week. Five students will then be selected to compete at the International Physics Olympiad in Zurich in July.



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