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Weekly newsletter | vol 42 no 13 | 4–8 April 2016


Director's Colloquium - 5 April

Exploring the universe with the square kilometre array - Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith

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Professor Christine Charles promoted to E2

Please join me and congratulate Christine on her recent promotion to Professor, level E2.  Awarded to Professors of outstanding influence, Christine is one of only a few to achieve this level in our School.  Together with her entry into the Australian Academic of Science last year this promotion demonstrates her high degree of international impact in Space Science.

Watch this space for details on Christine’s newest activities in “CanSats”, launching at a Research School near you!


Welcome - Mr Stewart Hilton

It is with great pleasure that I introduce Stewart Hilton as our new School Manager.  Having been in a Research Services role in CECS for a little over a year, Stewart brings to our School a broad managerial experience from the private sector.  While being at the ANU he has demonstrated enormous aptitude in managing a range of agenda in a research environment, and I have every confidence that his skillset will augment those we already have in our School Administrative team.

I am very grateful to the selection panel, comprising of Christine Allard (Director, Facilities and Services), Steve Eggins (Director, RSES) and Hoe Tan (Head EME), for their insight and guidance through a very competitive field of applications.  Many thanks go also to our HR Team member, Mika Yamaguchi, for her skills and excellent support.  

Stewart will be joining us on Tuesday 26 April, when we will host a morning tea to welcome him into our School.

As you know since Rana left the School Graeme Cornish has been our acting School Manager.  In Rana’s absence, I couldn’t have wished for a better colleague to act in this vital role.  I have depended greatly on is broad knowledge of the School as I start to learn our School from a different perspective.  I’m sure you will join with me and thank Graeme for taking the reins so professionally over these past 6 months.  We are in very competent hands and I’m thrilled to have Graeme remain in our School Executive in his substantive role as Stewart joins in.

Finally, I’d like to thank David Anderson, Craig Young and James Irwin, all of whom acted to cover Graeme’s various roles over the past 6 months.  I’m grateful that we have such a broadly skilled management group so willing to ensure the School runs without interruption.



From the RSPE Equity and Diversity Committee

Harassment is a serious issue in academia — including the sciences — that negatively impacts climate, retention, and productivity. Anyone can experience workplace harassment but some individuals, such as those who identify as LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, as well as other sexual and gender minorities), are more vulnerable.

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ARC Future Fellowships

ARC Future Fellowships are now open. If your PhD was conferred between March 2001 and March 2011 you may be eligibilble to apply. Please contact to notify the College Research Office your intent to apply so we can confirm your eligibility and provide you with support for your application. The internal deadline for complete applications is Monday 18 April.




Distsinguised Lecture - 11 April

Attosecond Ionization Dynamics and Time Delays - Professor Dr Ursula Keller

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Departmental seminars

Dr Joseph Walshe - 4 April
Clustering and the search for exotic nuclear molecules
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Professor Abraham Stroock - 5 April
Top-down and bottom-up approaches to form microvascular structure in vitro
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Staff movements

Director's Office 
Professor Tim Senden 
(accompanied by Prof Hoe Tan, Prof Rob Elliman, Dr John Debs and Mr Graeme Cornish will be interstate 6-7 April 2016 conducting Master Plan site visits . A/Prof James Sullivan will be Acting Director during this period.

Centre for Plasmas and Fluids (CPF)
A/Prof Matthew Hole will be away from 1-19 April 2016. He will be in Vienna for a meeting of the IAEA and on research at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy in the UK.

Theoretical Physics (TP)
Prof Mukunda Das will visit and present Gordon Godfrey Theoretical Physics Seminar at the School of Physics,UNSW on 7 April 2016.



Training course:

  • First aid: Mental health (OHSG33) 4 April
  • Compressed gas and Cryogenic safety (OHSA04)   7 April

Registration via HORUS




We enjoyed a day long visit by students from Marist College who carried out two experiments. The first one was to use the Vernier ultrasonic measuring equipment to measure the acceleration of a mouse trap racer along a track constructed from plastic electrical duct. The other experiment (shown) used the more traditional stop watch to measure the length of time of travel for a vehicle at various atmospheric pressures down a slope. Both experiments were successful as was the student visit to the union court!


Supervisor training course

ANU HDR supervisors have the opportunity to take up the following professional development activities offered by the research training team in the office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Research Training) and you are encouraged to attend if you can.  The professional development being offered is specific to your needs as a supervisor of HDR students. Come along and learn from experienced peers and share your own knowledge of supervision.  This is also an opportunity to build collegial networks across the ANU.

Research on supervision shows that supervisors perform five key roles for their students: keeping the research on track, helping students integrate with their community, challenging student's thinking, acting as a mentor and supporting students emotionally through the PhD journey.  Each session is geared around these key roles and restricted to HDR supervisors only.

Click on the links below to see details of each session and book your place. If you have missed out on the sessions of most interest several of them will be run again in semester two but places are limited. 


The United Uranium Scholarship

The United Uranium Trust Fund was established in 1966 for ‘the promotion and encouragement of scientific research and education in the field of atomic energy’. In accordance with the Deed, the United Uranium Scholarship is awarded to ‘promising young scientists’ from any Australian organisation or institution whose research or work is in the field of nuclear energy. The applicant must also be an Australian citizen.

The recipient of the scholarship will receive up to AUS$6,000.  For further informartion please refer the website.

Closing date: 2 May 2016

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2016 Dunlap Institute Summer School

Less than 3 weeks to apply to Dunlap Astronomical Instrumentation Summer School

14-19 August 2016 

Introduction to Astronomical Instrumentation

  • Learn basic principles of radio, infrared, optical, x-ray and gamma-ray instrumentation
  • Learn how detectors and spectrographs work
  • Learn in lecture and hands-on laboratory sessions
  • Learn about a career in instrumentation
  • Work with students from around the world
  • Learn from international leaders in the field of astronomical instrumentation
  • Attend a professional development/ mentoring session

Registration Fee: $500 Travel subsidies and registration fee waivers available Application and Travel Subsidy Deadline: 15 April 2016

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