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Phone: 612 52410/51379/55610/52415


Ground Floor, Room C3.14, Cockcroft Building #58

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Research School of Physics
Physics Store
Building 58 west end of Garran Road,
Australian National University,
Canberra ACT 2601

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Monday to Friday

8:30am -12:30pm & 1:30pm - 4:30pm.

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Research School of Physics
Accounts Payable Shared Services
Chancellery Building 10C
The Australian National University
Canberra ACT 2600

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Purchasing Procedure

UPDATE April 2022: The University Expenditure Control Framework (ECF):

The ECF is designed to help the University weather the current financial downturn due to COVID and other financial issues. The ECF principles will continue for 2022.

In general, the University has advised that:

  • Austerity measures will continue for the entirety of 2022
  • For the remainder of 2022 expenditure on R should be limited.
  • Inappropriate or discretionary spending across all ledgers (S,Q,R) should be avoided and reconsidered (entertainment, catering, etc).

In managing the School’s response to the ECF, the following measures are being implemented, the following measures are being implemented, effective till the end of 2022:

  • R ledger expenditure is to be limited as a general rule
  • Recruitment against the R ledger requires SM/Director approval
  • Contractual funds will be able to expend based on their contractual obligations.
  • ANU Purchase Card use to be restricted. Only approved purchasers will have a Purchase Card with reduced credit limit.

Please be mindful that Admin staff are obliged to monitor the implementation of the ECF and communications should remain respectful and polite. We will endeavour to work constructively to provide the best outcomes possible under the current circumstances.


Guidelines for Research School of Physics procurement activities in compliance with ANU Procurement, Expenditure and Delegation Policies.


  1. All purchases need prior approval from either the GLC’s chief investigator or HoD.
  2. It is preferred that all RSPhys procurement activities must go through the RSPhys Purchasing & Store team, or an approved purchasers. Staff/students are required to raise purchase requisition through the requisition system, and provide supporting documents as required under the different procurement thresholds as detailed below. If access to the requisition system is required, please complete the form and send it to
  3. Two (or more) quotes are not required under the procurement threshold below if purchases are made from the University’s Preferred Suppliers or Mandated Arrangements

Processes to consider when purchasing

  1. IT through SCU
  2. All electrical items must be test and tagged before use
  3. UPS require RCD on device side. See this procedure (PDF, 28kB)
  4. Chemicals require WHS pre approval before purchase
  5. Use Mandatory/Preferred suppliers where appropriate

Required supporting documents

Important: Procurement must not be divided or split into separate parts to avoid a procurement threshold, this is ANU policy

1. Total purchase valued less than $5,000

2. Total purchase valued between $5000 - $50,000

3. Total purchase valued between $50,000 - $250,000

3. Total purchase valued above $250,000

  • Purchase valued above $250,000 is a major procurement, and require a tendering process. However an authorized delegate may approve an exemption from this tendering process.
  • You must consult the RSPhys Purchasing & Store team with all purchases over $250,000 before any action is taken, so they may provide further guidance.


Purchase /expenditures (excluding R ledgers) up to $5,000 must be approved by chief investigator (CI) or appropriate delegate. HoD’s expenditure must be approved by the School Manager or Director. The School is under the current Expenditure Control Framework, the below approval is required.

  • Expenditure on R-Ledger: R ledger funds are limited as a general rule. If the R ledger must be used, justification is required and must be approved by the HoD or School Manager.

However if purchased through the RSPhys Purchasing & Store team/or through an approved purchasing persons they will seek approval accordingly.

List of approved purchasers:

  • RSPhys Purchasing & Store team.
  • School Administrators (including Centre Administrators)
  • Functional Managers (SCU, EU, WS)
  • Limited Technical staff and others for operational reasons

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