Ms Huyen Pham

Ms Huyen Pham
PhD student
Department of Electronic Materials Engineering
John Carver 4 16B

Research publications

Journal article

Duong T, Pham H, Kho T, Phang S, Fong K, Yan D, Yin Y, Peng J, Wu Y, Shen H, Mai H, Liang W, Samundsett C, Stocks M, McIntosh K, Andersson G, Richards B, Liu Y, MacDonald D, Blakers A, Wong-Leung J, White T, Weber K, Catchpole K
High Efficiency Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells: Effect of Surface Coating versus Bulk Incorporation of 2D Perovskite
Advanced Energy Materials 10, 9()
Pham H, Duong T, Weber K, Wong-Leung J
Insights into Twinning Formation in Cubic and Tetragonal Multi-cation Mixed-Halide Perovskite
ACS Materials Letters 2, 4() 415-424
Duong T, Yin Y, Pham H, Walter D, Peng J, Wu Y, Li L, Shen H, Wu N, Andersson G, Catchpole K, Weber K, White T
Double-Sided Surface Passivation of 3D Perovskite Film for High-Efficiency Mixed-Dimensional Perovskite Solar Cells [IN PRESS]
Advanced Functional Materials 0, 0()

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