Mr Yi Zhu

Mr Yi Zhu
Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Electronic Materials Engineering
John Carver 4 16F

Research publications

Journal article

Liu B, Sharma A, Zhu Y, Lu Y
Direct measurement of folding angle and strain vector in atomically thin WS2 using second-harmonic generation
ACS Nano 14, 11() 15806-15815
Kuriakose S, Ahmed T, Taylor P, Zhu Y, Spencer M, Balendhran S, Lu Y, Bansal V, Sriram S, Bhaskaran M, Walia S
Generating strong room-temperature photoluminescence in black phosphorus using organic molecules
2D Materials 6, 1() 1-9
Sharma A, Zhu Y, Wang B, Lu Y
Quasi-line Spectral Emissions from Highly Crystalline One-Dimensional Organic Nanowires
Nano Letters 19, 11() 7877-7886
Tedeschi D, Blundo E, Felici M, Pettinari G, Liu B, Yildrim T, Petroni E, Zhu Y, Sennato S, Lu Y, Polimeni A
Controlled Micro/Nanodome Formation in Proton-Irradiated Bulk Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides
Advanced Materials 31, 44()
Wen B, Zhu Y, Yudistira D, Boes A, Zhang L, Yidirim T, Liu B, Yan H, SUN X, Xue Y, Zhang Y, Fu L, Mitchell A, Zhang H, Lu Y
Ferroelectric-Driven Exciton and Trion Modulation in Monolayer Molybdenum and Tungsten Diselenides
ACS Nano 13, 5() 5335-5343
Yang I, Li Z, Wong-Leung J, Zhu Y, Li Z, Gagrani A, Li L, Lockrey M, Nguyen H, Lu Y, Tan H, Jagadish AC C, Fu L
Multiwavelength Single Nanowire InGaAs/InP Quantum Well Light-Emitting Diodes
Nano Letters 19, 6() 3821-3829
Zhang L, Yan H, SUN X, Dong M, Wang B, Wen B, Sharma A, Zhu Y, Zhang J, Liu B, Nguyen H, MacDonald D, Lu Y
Modulated interlayer charge transfer dynamics in a monolayer TMD/metal junction
Nanoscale 11, 2() 418-425
Zhang L, Sharma A, Zhu Y, Zhang Y, Wang B, Dong M, Nguyen H, Wang Z, Wen B, Cao Y, Liu B, SUN X, Yang J, Li Z, Kar A, Shi Y, MacDonald D, Yu Z, Wang X, Lu Y
Efficient and Layer-Dependent Exciton Pumping across Atomically Thin Organic?Inorganic Type-I Heterostructures
Advanced Materials 30, 40() 1-8
Zhu Y, Li Z, Zhang L, Wang B, Yang J, Fu L, Lu Y
High-Efficiency Monolayer Molybdenum Ditelluride Light-Emitting Diode and Photodetector
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 10, 50() 43291-43298
Xu R, Yang J, Zhu Y, Yan H, Pei J, Win Myint Y, Zhang S, Lu Y
Layer-dependent surface potential of phosphorene and anisotropic/layer-dependent charge transfer in phosphorene-gold hybrid systems
Nanoscale 8, 1() 129-135
Zhu Y, Yang J, Zhang S, Mokhtar S, Pei J, Wang X, Lu Y
Strongly enhanced photoluminescence in nanostructured monolayer MoS2 by chemical vapor deposition
Nanotechnology 27, 13() 7

Scopus import

Sharma A, Zhu Y, Vogl T, Nguyen H, Wang F, MacDonald D, Lam P, Lu Y
Supertransport of excitons in atomically thin organic semiconductors at the 2D quantum limit
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