Fusion relevant plasma-surface interactions

The central objective of this project is to establish a new set of experiments and diagnostics to study fusion relevant mechanisms occurring at the plasma boundary of a fusion reactor.

Very little is known about interactions at the edge of hot (> 100 million K or 10 keV) magnetised fusion plasma. A key challenge for fusion power is controlling transport at the boundary between the hot fusion core and the low temperature (1000K) wall. With the establishment of the superconducting ITER plasma fusion project we are at the threshold of realising burning fusion plasma, in which the plasma is dominantly self-heated by fusion reactions. Harnessing the burning plasma to produce a sustainable clean energy source requires understanding and controlling the complex interactions between the plasma edge and the wall.

The aim of this research is to create key experimental configurations and plasma conditions to investigate advanced wall material and the coupled issues of plasma performance, erosion, redeposition and impurity control. The research will resolve fundamental physics in the plasma-wall region (particle and energy transport, production and loss mechanisms of impurities and plasma species, plasma stability).


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