Quantum technology

Optical quantum information

The photonics group at the Department of Quantum Science focuses on using light to transmit and process quantum information. Measuring or amplifying light that carries quantum information would degrade the information. It is therefore important to come up with clever techniques to send quantum information over long distances. We have a few different projects to tackle different challenges in the field.

Our quantum memory team develops techniques for storing and retrieving photons in atoms. This will enable buffers and repeaters to extend the range of quantum information networks. Another team works on encoding quantum information on states of light for secure communication and fundamental studies on quantum mechanics. A third team works on practical approaches to perform quantum cryptography on existing fibre networks.

Advanced optical fabrication

The Department of Quantum Science at ANU is home to an ultra-precision optical fabrication facility that produces prototypes of novel optical components. With an accuracy of a few nano-meters, we make complex optics for research in quantum information, optical measurement, and light-atom interaction.

One current project is to produce the most perfect concave hemispheres possible out of reflective material. These will be used in atom trapping experiments to probe the fundamental nature of the interaction between light and atoms. Another project is to make circular optical resonators out of transparent materials. These circulate light millions of times, increasing the intensity and enabling non-linear effects. We plan to use these to make frequency combs that extend into the mid-infra-red to enable precision frequency references in a new part of the spectrum.

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