Helicon double layer thruster

The Helicon Double Layer Thruster (HDLT) is being developed in the Space Plasma, Power and Propulsion Group (led by Professor Christine Charles) at the Research School of Physics at The Australian National University in Canberra, Australia.

Dr Christine Charles has invented the world's first Helicon Double Layer Thruster or HDLT. This new propulsion concept has the potential to propel humans to Mars and beyond and greatly decrease the costs of maintaining satellites and spacecraft in their desired orbits.

hdlt team
Background information

The following articles provide information on the principles that underpin the Helicon Double Layer Thruster and its applications as a spacecraft propulsion system.

Project collaborators

  • Cooperative Research Centre for Satellite Systems
  • ESTEC - The European Space Agency's European Space Research & Technology Centre, Holland
  • ESTEC EPL - ESTEC's Electric Propulsion Laboratory
  • ESA's ACT - ESA's Advanced Concepts Team
  • LPTP - Laboratoire de Physique et Technologie des Plasmas (LPTP), Ecole Polytechnique, France
  • Advanced Space Propulsion Laboratory at NASA's Johnson Space Centre, Houston

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