Dr Hassan Tahini

Position Postdoctoral Fellow
Department Department of Applied Mathematics
Materials Physics
Office phone (02) 612 59307
Office Cockcroft 4 49
Webpage https://sciencebrush.design/

Research interests

Density functional threory; Solid state chemistry; Defects in solids; Computational catalysis; Machine learning


PhD (2014) - Imperial College London

Recent publications

H. A. Tahini, X. Tan and S. C. Smith, “Computational Materials Science: Discovering and Accelerating Future Technologies”, Advanced Theory and Simulations (2019).

H. A. Tahini, X. Tan and S. C. Smith, “Unraveling the factors behind the efficiency of hydrogen evolution in endohedrally doped C60 structures via ab initio and insights from machine learning models”, Advanced Theory and Simulations (2019).

W. H. Saputera, H. A. Tahini, M. Sabsabi, T. H. Tan, J. N. Hart, N. Bedford, E. Lovell, C. Y. Lansen, D. Friedmann, S. C. Smith, R. Amal and J. Scott “Light-induced multi-defect catalytic sites on simple TiO2/SiO2 composites for synergistic oxygen activation”, ACS. Catal. (2019).

Y. Zhu, H. A. Tahini, Z. Hu, J. Dai, Y. Chen, H. Sun,W. Zhou, M. Liu, S. C. Smith, H. Wang, Z. Shao, “Layered strontium ruthenate oxide for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline media”, Nat. Comms. (2019).

K-H. Wu, X. Huang, H. A. Tahini, P. Kappen, R. Huang, X. Tan, B. Su, L-Y Jang, Y. Ding, S. C. Smith, W. Qi, D. S. Su, I. Gentle, R. Amal and D-W Wang, “Oxygen Electrocatalysis at MnIII-Ox-C Hybrid Heterojunction: An Electronic Synergy or Cooperative Catalysis?”, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (2018).

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