Jean-Baptiste Gorce

Position PhD Student
Department Electronic Materials Engineering
Research group Physics of fluids group
Office Oliphant 3 17


  • Ecole normale superieure Paris-Saclay
  • University Pierre and Marie Curie

Research interests

  • Statistical physics 
  • Turbulence 
  • Capillarity
  • Faraday waves

Recent publications

Gorce JB, Xia H, Francois N, Punzmann H, Falkovich G, Shats M. Confinement of surface spinners in liquid metamaterials. PNAS. 2019 Dec 4.

Hong SH, Gorce JB, Punzmann H, Francois N, Shats M, Xia H. Wave-controlled bacterial attachment and formation of biofilms. arXiv preprint arXiv:1910.13004. 2019 Oct 28.

Xia H, Francois N, Gorce JB, Punzmann H, Shats M. Generation of Vortex Lattices at the Liquid–Gas Interface Using Rotating Surface Waves. Fluids. 2019 Jun;4(2):74.

Makuch K, Gorce JB, Garstecki P. Non-wetting droplets in capillaries of circular cross-section: Scaling function. Physics of Fluids. 2019 Apr 3;31(4):043102.

Gorce JB, Hewitt IJ, Vella D. Capillary imbibition into converging tubes: Beating washburn’s law and the optimal imbibition of liquids. Langmuir. 2016 Feb 1;32(6):1560-7. Also featured on the front cover of Langmuir.

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