Dr Graham Dennis is a past member of RSPE. Contact details and information may no longer be correct.

Dr Graham Dennis

Department Centre for Plasmas and Fluids


Graham Dennis is a postdoctoral fellow with the Plasma Theory Modelling group focussing on the behaviour of fusion plasmas. He is interested in applying models of plasmas that include multiple force-free regions to a variety of experimental configurations.

Graham has a PhD in the physics of Bose Einstein Condensates, and is also interested in atom lasers, condensate instabilities and matter-wave entanglement. He is also more broadly interested in cross-disciplinary physics.

Graham is the author of the second version of the XMDS software integration package.


Research interests

Plasma edge-localised modes, Beltrami force-free plasmas, 3D fusion plasma equilibria and chaotic fields.

Matter-wave interferometry, quantum entanglement and Bose-Einstein condensates.

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