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Dr Quentin Glorieux

Position Visiting Fellow
Department Department of Quantum Science
Office phone (02) 612 52818
Office Physics 1 26
Webpage http://www.quentinglorieux.fr
Curriculum vitae Glorieux CV (65KB PDF)

arXiv pre-prints

Pierre Azam, Adrien Fusaro, Quentin Fontaine, Josselin Garnier, Alberto Bramati, Antonio Picozzi, Robin Kaiser, Quentin Glorieux, Tom Bienaimé
Dissipation-Enhanced Collapse Singularity of a Nonlocal Fluid of Light in a Hot Atomic Vapor
Jeff Steinhauer, Murad Abuzarli, Tangui Aladjidi, Tom Bienaimé, Clara Piekarski, Wei Liu, Elisabeth Giacobino, Alberto Bramati, Quentin Glorieux
Analogue cosmological particle creation in an ultracold quantum fluid of light
Anne Maitre, Ferdinand Claude, Giovani Lerario, Serguei Koniakhin, Simon Pigeon, Dmitry Solnyshkov, Guillaume Malpuech, Quentin Glorieux, Elisabeth Giacobino, Alberto Bramati
Spontaneous generation, enhanced propagation and optical imprinting of quantized vortices and dark solitons in a polariton superfluid: towards the control of quantum turbulence
Murad Abuzarli, Tom Bienaimé, Elisabeth Giacobino, Alberto Bramati, Quentin Glorieux
Blast waves in a paraxial fluid of light
T. Bienaimé, M. Isoard, Q. Fontaine, A. Bramati, A. M. Kamchatnov, Q. Glorieux, N. Pavloff
Controlled Shock Wave Dynamics in a Fluid of Light
Clara Piekarski, Wei Liu, Jeff Steinhauer, Elisabeth Giacobino, Alberto Bramati, Quentin Glorieux
Short Bragg pulse spectroscopy for a paraxial fluids of light
Ferdinand Claude, Sergei V. Koniakhin, Anne Maître, Simon Pigeon, Giovanni Lerario, Daniil D. Stupin, Quentin Glorieux, Elisabeth Giacobino, Dmitry Solnyshkov, Guillaume Malpuech, Alberto Bramati
Taming the snake instabilities in a polariton superfluid
Quentin Fontaine, Pierre-Elie Larré, Giovanni Lerario, Tom Bienaimé, Simon Pigeon, Daniele Faccio, Iacopo Carusotto, Elisabeth Giacobino, Alberto Bramati, Quentin Glorieux
Interferences between Bogoliubov excitations and their impact on the evidence of superfluidity in a paraxial fluid of light
Thomas Boulier, Maxime J. Jacquet, Anne Maître, Giovanni Lerario, Ferdinand Claude, Simon Pigeon, Quentin Glorieux, Alberto Bramati, Elisabeth Giacobino, Alberto Amo, Jacqueline Bloch
Microcavity Polaritons for Quantum simulation
Stefano Pierini, Marianna D'Amato, Mayank Goyal, Quentin Glorieux, Elisabeth Giacobino, Emmanuel Lhuillier, Christophe Couteau, Alberto Bramati
Highly photo-stable Perovskite nanocubes: towards integrated single photon sources based on tapered nanofibers
M. J. Jacquet, T. Boulier, F. Claude, A. Maitre, E. Cancellieri, C. Adrados, A. Amo, S. Pigeon, Q. Glorieux, A. Bramati, E. Giacobino
Polariton fluids for analogue gravity physics
Chengjie Ding, Maxime Joos, Constanze Bach, Tom Bienaime, Elisabeth Giacobino, E Wu, Alberto Bramati, Quentin Glorieux
Nanofiber based displacement sensor
Giovanni Lerario, Sergei V. Koniakhin, Anne Maître, Dmitry Solnyshkov, Alessandro Zilio, Quentin Glorieux, Guillaume Malpuech, Elisabeth Giacobino, Simon Pigeon, Alberto Bramati
Parallel dark soliton pair in a bistable 2D exciton-polariton superfluid
Anne Maître, Giovanni Lerario, Adrià Medeiros, Ferdinand Claude, Quentin Glorieux, Elisabeth Giacobino, Simon Pigeon, Alberto Bramati
Dark-soliton molecules in an exciton-polariton superfluid
S. Pierini, M. D'Amato, M. Joos, Q. Glorieux, E. Giacobino, E. Lhuillier, C. Couteau, A. Bramati
Hybrid device for quantum nanophotonics
Giovanni Lerario, Anne Maître, Rajiv Boddeda, Quentin Glorieux, Elisabeth Giacobino, Simon Pigeon, Alberto Bramati
Vortex stream generation and enhanced propagation in a polariton superfluid
Stefano Pierini, Mackrine Nahra, Maxime Joos, Muhammad H. Muhammad, Viatcheslav Agafonov, Emmanuel Lhuillier, Fabien Geoffray, Valery Davydov, Quentin Glorieux, Elisabeth Giacobino, Sylvain Blaize, Alberto Bramati, Christophe Couteau
Nanophotonic approaches for integrated quantum photonics
S. V. Koniakhin, O. Bleu, D. D. Stupin, S. Pigeon, A. Maitre, F. Claude, G. Lerario, Q. Glorieux, A. Bramati, D. Solnyshkov, G. Malpuech
Stationary quantum vortex street in a driven-dissipative quantum fluid of light
Quentin Fontaine, Huiqin Hu, Simon Pigeon, Tom Bienaimé, E Wu, Elisabeth Giacobino, Alberto Bramati, Quentin Glorieux
Compensation of Beer-Lambert attenuation using non-diffracting Bessel beams
Chengjie Ding, Vivien Loo, Simon Pigeon, Romain Gautier, Maxime Joos, E Wu, Elisabeth Giacobino, Alberto Bramati, Quentin Glorieux
Optical nanofiber interferometer and resonator
Maxime Joos, Alberto Bramati, Quentin Glorieux
Full control of polarization in tapered optical nanofibers
Rajiv Boddeda, Quentin Glorieux, Alberto Bramati, Simon Pigeon
Generating strong anti-bunching by interfering with coherent states
Ivens Saber, Rajiv Boddeda, Fabrice Raineri, Dorian Sanchez, Gregoire Beaudoin, Isabelle Sagnes, Quentin Glorieux, Alberto Bramati, Juan Ariel Levenson, Kamel Bencheikh
Photonic crystal nanobeam cavities with optical resonances around 800 nm
Quentin Glorieux
Quantum Optics in Dense Atomic Media: From Optical Memories to Fluids of Light
Vivien Loo, Guillaume Blanquer, Maxime Joos, Quentin Glorieux, Yannick De Wilde, Valentina Krachmalnicoff
Imaging light scattered by a subwavelength nanofiber, from near field to far field
Q. Fontaine, T. Bienaimé, S. Pigeon, E. Giacobino, A. Bramati, Q. Glorieux
Observation of the Bogoliubov dispersion relation in a fluid of light
Mathieu Manceau, Stefano Vezzoli, Quentin Glorieux, Elisabeth Giacobino, Luigi Carbone, Massimo De Vittorio, Jean-Pierre Hermier, Alberto Bramati
CdSe/CdS dot-in-rods nanocrystals fast blinking dynamics
Thomas Boulier, Simon Pigeon, Emiliano Cancellieri, Paul Robin, Elisabeth Giacobino, Quentin Glorieux, Alberto Bramati
Coherent merging of counter-propagating exciton-polariton superfluids
Maxime Joos, Chengjie Ding, Vivien Loo, Guillaume Blanquer, Elisabeth Giacobino, Alberto Bramati, Valentina Krachmalnicoff, Quentin Glorieux
Polarisation control of linear dipole radiation using spin-momentum locking of light
Thomas Boulier, Emiliano Cancellieri, Nicolas D. Sangouard, Quentin Glorieux, A. V. Kavokin, David M. Whittaker, Elisabeth Giacobino, Alberto Bramati
Injection of orbital angular momentum and storage of quantized vortices in polariton superfluids
W. Geng, M. Manceau, N. Rahbany, V. Sallet, M. De Vittorio, L. Carbone, Q. Glorieux, A. Bramati, C. Couteau
Localised excitation of a single photon source by a nanowaveguide
M. Manceau, S., Vezzoli, Q. Glorieux, F. Pisanello, E. Giacobino, L. Carbone, M. De Vittorio, A. Bramati
Effect of charging on CdSe/CdS dot-in-rods single-photon emission
Jeremy B. Clark, Ryan T. Glasser, Quentin Glorieux, Ulrich Vogl, Tian Li, Kevin M. Jones, Paul D. Lett
Quantum mutual information of an entangled state propagating through a fast-light medium
T. Boulier, H. Terças, D. D. Solnyshkov, Q. Glorieux, E. Giacobino, G. Malpuech, A. Bramati
Annular Vortex Chain in a Resonantly Pumped Polariton Superfluid
Ulrich Vogl, Ryan T. Glasser, Jeremy B. Clark, Quentin Glorieux, Tian Li, Neil V. Corzo, Paul D. Lett
Advanced Quantum Noise
Neil V. Corzo, Quentin Glorieux, Alberto M. Marino, Jeremy B. Clark, Paul D. Lett
Rotation of the noise ellipse for squeezed vacuum light generated via four-wave-mixing
, , , , , , , ,
Gradient echo memory in an ultra-high optical depth cold atomic ensemble
New Journal of Physics 15 (2013) 1-15
Jeremy B. Clark, Quentin Glorieux, Paul D. Lett
Spatially Addressable Readout and Erasure of an Image in a Gradient Echo Memory
Quentin Glorieux, Jeremy B. Clark, Neil V. Corzo, Paul D. Lett
Generation of pulsed bipartite entanglement using four-wave mixing
Ulrich Vogl, Ryan T. Glasser, Quentin Glorieux, Jeremy B. Clark, Neil Corzo-Trejo, Paul D. Lett
Experimental characterization of Gaussian quantum discord generated by four-wave mixing
Jeremy B. Clark, Zhifan Zhou, Quentin Glorieux, Alberto M. Marino, Paul D. Lett
Imaging using quantum noise properties of light
Quentin Glorieux, Jeremy B. Clark, Alberto M. Marino, Zhifan Zhou, Paul D. Lett
Temporally multiplexed storage of images in a Gradient Echo Memory
A. M. Marino, J. B. Clark, Q. Glorieux, P. D. Lett
Extracting Spatial Information from Noise Measurements of Multi-Spatial-Mode Quantum States
Quentin Glorieux, Luca Guidoni, Samuel Guibal, Jean-Pierre Likforman, Thomas Coudreau
Quantum correlations by four-wave mixing in an atomic vapor in a non-amplifying regime: a quantum beam splitter for photons
Imad H. Agha, Christina Giarmatzi, Quentin Glorieux, Thomas Coudreau, Philippe Grangier, Gaetan Messin
Time-resolved detection of relative intensity squeezed nanosecond pulses in a Rb87 vapor
Quentin Glorieux
Quantum correlations by four-wave-mixing in atomic vapor. Theory and Experiments
Q. Glorieux, R. Dubessy, S. Guibal, L. Guidoni, J. P. Likforman, T. Coudreau, E. Arimondo
Double-lambda microscopic model for entangled light generation by four-wave-mixing
Quentin Glorieux, Luca Guidoni, Samuel Guibal, Jean-Pierre Likforman, Thomas Coudreau
Strong quantum correlations in four wave mixing in $^{85}$Rb vapor
Sébastien Removille, Romain Dubessy, Quentin Glorieux, Samuel Guibal, Thomas Coudreau, Luca Guidoni, Jean-Pierre Likforman
Photoionisation loading of large Sr+ ion clouds with ultrafast pulses

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