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AusTomo III - Third Australian Tomography Workshop

Wednesday the 23rd of November 2011

Leonard Huxley lecture theatre, Australian National University, Canberra

The 3rd AusTomo workshop will be held on 23rd November at the Australian National University.

The aim of the meeting is to bring the Australian tomography community together to increase awarenessness of each group's expertise, to discuss current and future research directions, and to encourage collaboration.

This is one of the key meetings in the region for the general tomography community and practitioners from experimental and theoretical backgrounds, from x-ray-, optical- or electron-based methods, are very welcome. As the meeting runs for 1 day, presentations will be awarded to 1 or 2 representatives of each group attending. Presentations are encouraged to cover prospective work and should aim to stimulate forward thinking about 3D imaging in general. Themes might include:

  • application to a specific research theme (eg. pre-clinical imaging, materials investigation)
  • data management (eg. archive and access)
  • algorithm development (eg. reconstruction, segmentation, data analysis, visualisation)
  • Hardware design, optimisation and specimen methodologies (eg.,staining methods, new instrumentation)
  • Facility best practice (eg. laboratory setup for general users, data formats)

Further details

Presentations will be allocated 30 min (including questions). A poster session will be held over the lunch hour. We welcome posters from past conferences that illustrate your work.

The program will commence at 9am and conclude by 4pm on Wednesday 23rd November, (Huxley Lecture Theatre, Mills Rd, ANU). Lunch and morning/afternoon teas will be provided without cost to the delegates.

The conference is free of charge to all delegates. To register simply fill in the following fields, copy/paste and email to Andrew Kingston by Friday 21st October.

Dietary requirements:
Talk title/abstract:
Poster title/abstract:


9:00 Welcome - Tim Senden
9:10 Iain Young (UNE) - The use of micro-CT for soil-plant-microbe interactions
9:30 Belinda Godel (CSIRO) - Inside rocks: the 3D view of mineral deposits at the sample scale
9:50 Allan Jones (USyd) - The Use of En-Block Heavy Metal Stains for X-ray Micro-tomography Contrast Enhancement
10:10 Bradley Treeby (ANU) - Photoacoustic tomography
10:30 Morning tea
11:00 Benedicta Arhatari (LaTrobe) - Phase retrieval tomography amenable to segmentation
11:20 Glenn Myers (ANU) - Real-time tomography of drainage and imbibition
11:40 Imants Svalbe (Monash) - Minimal and near minimal ghosts: tools from discrete-space projection theory for testing real-space tomographic reconstruction
12:00 Stuart Hungerford (ANDS) - Credit Where It's Due: Citation of Research Data
12:20 Lunch and Poster session
13:30 Karen Siu (Monash/CSIRO) - The Imaging and Medical Beamline at the Australian Synchrotron
13:50 Sherry Mayo (CSIRO) - Plans for Micro-CT at the Australian Synchrotron
14:10 TBC (UWA, UQ, USA...)
14:30 Afternoon tea
15:00 Ajay Limaye (ANU) - MahaDrishti
15:20 Tim Gureyev (CSIRO) - CSIRO software for advanced X-ray image processing and CT
15:40 Trond Varslot (ANU) - High-resolution helical micro-CT
16:00 Close
16:15 Lab tour

Organising Comittee

  • Prof. Tim Senden
  • Dr. Andrew Kingston
  • Dr. Trond Varslot
  • Dr. Glenn Myers

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