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Alheshibri, Muidh Mr PhD Student
Arns, Christoph Dr 52847 Visiting Fellow
Averdunk, Holger Mr 50646 Technical Officer


Balaz, Martin Mr Departmental Visitor
Beeching, Levi Dr 51741 Technical Officer
Botha, Pieter Mr 52847 PhD Student


Carnerup, Anna Dr 54693 Departmental Visitor
Caruana, Louis Professor Departmental Visitor
Caton, Judith Dr 53633 Visiting Fellow
Cheng, Qianhao Mr 59484 MPhil Student
Christy, Andy Dr 56880 Visiting Fellow
Craig, Vincent Professor 53359 Professor
Cram, Lawrence Professor Emeritus Professor
Cruikshank, Ron Mr 53033 Technical Officer


Delgado Friedrich, Olaf Dr 55882 Technical Officer
Dept Administrator, AM 52847
Dupret, Vincent Dr 52847 Postdoctoral Fellow


Eom, Namsoon Ms PhD Student
Evans, Denis Prof 53739 Visiting Fellow
Evans, Phil Prof 52847 Visiting Fellow


Fogden, Andrew Dr 54823 Departmental Visitor
Fullagar, Wilfred Dr Research Officer


Goodwin, Carley Ms 57747 Departmental Visitor


Herring, Anna Dr 51585 Postdoctoral Fellow
Holland, Nathan Mr 59484 Honours Student
Holt, Jeremy Mr Honours Student
Hungerford, Stuart Mr 52430 e-Research Manager
Hyde, Stephen Professor 54553 Professor


Kim, Hye-Kyung Dr Departmental Visitor
King, David Mr 58845 Research Officer
Kingston, Andrew Dr 50185 Postdoctoral Fellow
Knackstedt, Mark Professor 53357 Professor


Landsmann, Martina Ms 52847 Departmental Coordinator
Larsson, Ankie Dr 54693 Contractor
Latham, Shane Dr 59078 Postdoctoral Fellow
Leng, Vanny Ms Visiting Student Student
Li, Heyang (Thomas) 50697 PhD Student
Li, Zhe (Rex) Mr 55280 PhD Student


Marcelja, Stjepan Dr 59184 Visiting Fellow
Mateo, Sharon Ms Departmental Visitor
Mazzini, Virginia Ms 58783 PhD Student
Middleton, Jill Mrs 51589 Technical Officer
Mohd Ashhar, Zahin Mr Honours Student
Myers, Glenn Dr 54690 Postdoctoral Fellow


Ninham, Barry Emeritus Professor 54694 Emeritus Professor
Notley, Shannon A/Professor 59600


Palamara, Daniel Dr 55882 Technical Officer
Parsons, Drew Dr 51581 Visiting Fellow
Paziresh, Mahsa Ms 53478 PhD Student
Pedersen, Martin Dr 51581 Post-doctoral Fellow
Philip, Lee Mr 56390 Technical Officer


Quinn, Matthew Mr PhD Student


Ramsden, Stuart Mr 58087 Departmental Visitor
Robins, Vanessa Dr 59603 Fellow


Saadatfar, Mohammad Dr 56361 Fellow
Sawkins, Timothy Mr 57575 Head Technical Officer
Schröder-Turk, Gerd Dr Visiting Fellow
Senden, Timothy Prof 54781 School Director
Shabaninejad, Mehdi Mr 57579 PhD Student
Sham, Alison Ms 50398 PhD Student
Sheppard, Adrian A/Prof 58516 Head of Department
Shinohara, Shuhei Mr Departmental Visitor
Sim, Chee Siang Mr 53742 Departmental Visitor
Singh, Amit Mr 51097 PhD Student
Sok, Robert Dr Departmental Visitor
Stephens, Ross Dr 58804 Professor


Tao, Jin Mr 52487 PhD Student
Tredwell, Greg Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
Turner, Michael Dr 50697 Technical Officer


Valbuena , Johnny Mr 59390 PhD Student
Veldkamp, Jan Mr 51579 Research Officer


Walsh, Rick Mr 55280 PhD Student
Wang, Tao Dr Visiting Fellow
Williams, David Professor 50680 Professor


Young, Ben Mr 57747 Departmental Visitor
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